1 Powerful Tool for Good Relationship with Homeschool Teens

Here is 1 powerful tool for good relationship with homeschool teens.

Powerful Tool for Good Relationships with Homeschool Teens

1 Powerful Tool for Good Relationship with Homeschool Teens

Human Development

We all know that relationship dynamics change as our children enter adolescence. While we have the luxury of time to invest in our homeschool high schoolers, sometimes we parents can be mystified by the emotional distancing and mood changes that are common to many teens. We love feeling close to our kids of all ages: that’s what homeschooling is about! (BTW- This is why Human Development should be a required course for teens…and sometimes parents.)

So, what are some ways to keep a good relationship with our homeschool teens?

The top priority is prayer! This is not a cliche or a platitude. Homeschool parents can pray with and for their high schoolers. Useful tool for prayer for teens are 7Sisters’ interactive Prayer Journals. They are full of out-of-the-box prayer activities. (Good discussion material for teens, also.)

The second powerful tool for a good relationship with homeschool teens is… well, check my story about Dana’s GPS (revised from an old post).

It all started with Dana’s GPS.

Prayer Journal 1 7SistersHomeschool.com

7Sister Marilyn’s daughter, Dana, was driving with my daughter, Joanna, and me to the big city early one spring. We were on the way to the final fitting for Joanna’s wedding dress. (Can you believe homeschoolers grow up? And get married?)

Dana has known me since she was a wee bairn so she knows that I get lost. (I’ve gotten her lost in many places over the years.) Knowing the inevitability of a few sidetracks on our trip, Dana brought her GPS to guide us.

Unfortunately, Dana has a GPS with an attitude. The first time the disembodied female voice announced, “Recalibrating…”, it sounded bemused.

But somewhere around, “Recalibrating!!” Ms. GPS became downright terse and haughty. By the time we pulled into the wedding dress studio, the voice in the little gray box sounded totally exasperated!

1 Powerful Tool for Good Relationship with Homeschool Teens

That GPS was very bad on my self-esteem. I felt so puny by the time we arrived that I vowed never to use that device again!

You can guess what happened on the way home! I wouldn’t allow Dana to turn on that infernal GPS. We made it back to Maryland but only after driving through an unnecessary state (not that Delaware itself is unnecessary- just the sidetrack was).

My point being:

All people need affirmation!

Critical voices and harsh words do not attract willing followers, yielded learners, or happy co-operators.

A successful homeschool has parents who can:

-give honest praise where praise is due

-can encourage teens in difficult moments (even if they have to leave the room for a minute and calm down)

-remember those famous lines from Bambi, “If you can’t say something nice…don’t say nothin’ at all!”

Teens who feel genuinely affirmed will learn more efficiently and be nicer about learning! (Works for grownups, too!)

While we are on the topic: Relationship between parent and teen is especially important when it is time to discuss dating, so here’s an interview with Melanie Wilson with suggestions on how to handle relationships!


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1 Powerful Tool for Good Relationship with Homeschool Teens

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