10 Meaningful High School Reading Materials for Reluctant Readers

Teens don’t need to stick to long classics that bore them. Here are 10 meaningful high school reading materials for reluctant readers.

Meaningful High School Reading Materials for Reluctant Readers

10 Meaningful High School Reading Materials for Reluctant Readers

Believe it or not, some homeschool high schoolers hate reading!

There are all kinds of homeschool high schoolers. Some can’t get enough books in their lives. Others would rather being doing hands-on learning, playing music or creating great artworks.

Some homeschool high schoolers struggle with reading.

Be encouraged if your have a reluctant reader! There are lots of ways to get the exposure to good reading material. Here are 10 meaningful high school reading materials for reluctant readers:

1. Audiobooks: Even reluctant readers will often enjoy a book if it is an audio version.  Audiobooks are great to use while driving- the whole family can enjoy it together! You might try an audiobook of something fun to get them started. How about Right Ho, Jeeves by PG Wodehouse. It is one of the Jeeves and Wooster series: hilarious stories about a British gentleman in the 1920’s and his valet. You can download 7Sisters’ study guide to help with context, vocabulary, comprehension and inference skills.

Right Ho, Jeeves Literature Study Guide

2. Family Read-alouds: Some books are terrific for family read-alouds. If you get a high school level study guide that doesn’t kill the joy of the book, your teen can get some extra punch from these read alouds. Try the Chronicles of Narnia or The Hobbit and download 7Sisters’ no-busywork study guides.


3. Books of the Bible: Our umbrella school allows homeschool to count books of the Bible. Does yours? (They may count 5 of them each year.) Teens need to read the Bible anyway, so they get some boost to their spirits and their booklist.

The Hobbit Literature Study Guide

4. Magazines/journals: For teens with special interests, this can work as reading material. (We’re talking magazines about auto repair, computer programming, birdwatching, etc…magazines that go in-depth at at professional level.) Ask your supervising organization how much magazine reading would equal a book.

5. Poetry: A book of poetry is a book. Count it. Some more artsy teens will read poetry anytime. Some teens need the poems read to them or with them. If you want a user-friendly introduction to British poetry, download 7Sisters’ guide.

British Poetry

6. Whatever is popular: Sometimes teens will read a book just because their friends or co-op classmates have read it and talked about it. I know many teens who hated reading but read Harry Potter, Ender’s Game and more just so they could keep up with the crowd.

7. Abridged classics: Teens do need to read a certain number of classics. Many classics, though, are much to difficult for a struggling reader or too cumbersome for a reluctant reader. Try a couple of abridged versions.

8. Biographies: An inspirational or action-packed biography will often do the trick for reluctant readers. You might try God’s Smuggler (the story of Brother Andrew who smuggled Bibles behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War). Download 7Sisters’ study guide to enhance the learning process.

God's Smugglers Literature Study Guide

9. For teens who have learning disabilities or other issues: Try Bring the Classics to Life workbooks by EdCon. (We aren’t affiliates; we’ve been pleased with the progress we’ve seen struggling readers make with EdCon.

10. One year in high school: a reluctant reader might benefit from learning the concepts of good literature by a solid course in cinema such as 7Sisters: Cinema Studies for Literature Learning.

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10 Meaningful High School Reading Materials for Reluctant Readers

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  1. Thank you for the information on EdCon. I have a 15 year old son that struggles with reading. I ordered one of these to give it a try, and it looks so doable for him. Y’all have been such a blessing to our homeschool.

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