10 Tips for Career Exploration for Teens

High school is the time for thinking about the future, so here are 10 tips for Career Exploration for teens.

career exploration for teens

Tips for Career Exploration for Teens

Panic? Pressure? Dejection? Irritation?

Do you feel those when someone asks you, “What are you planning to do after high school?”

Help is here! These 10 tips for Career Exploration for teens can help you find the answers for YOUR life!

I’ve been serving as a homeschool career advisor for almost 20 years. I’ve learned 10 important Career Exploration facts as I’ve worked with homeschool high schoolers that will help you as you think about your future:

  • Yes, God does have a plan for you.

He really does. You don’t have to be rich, famous, a genius, an athlete, a musician or anyone else special. Every person is created by God to have a place here on earth. 

  • Don’t waste your energy trying to convince yourself otherwise.

(Don’t waste time trying to tell yourself that you are nothing and what you do doesn’t matter. You matter and what you do matters. God doesn’t waste his energy creating people. Do this for me: Download the free, quick study guide: Career Exploration in the Bible for some examples of God’s plans for young people.)

  • Your career plans are not supposed to be as awesome as your older brother’s or your best friend’s.

That’s because you just THINK their opportunities are more awesome than yours…you are just looking at them through *inaccurate lenses*. Your siblings’ careers and your friends’ careers are right for them. 

  • Career plans are supposed to be just right for you.

Most importantly your career (or careers) will be right for you, when you give God a chance to guide your footsteps.

  • Whatever God chooses for you is awesome, anyway:

YOU are kind of awesome. The kind of awesome God created for you. 

  • God doesn’t make mistakes.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

There are 2 ways to come to trust these things.

One way is to know God better. (The more time you spend with Him, the more you’ll understand what He’s doing in your life. BTW- What’s your prayer life like? Need to reboot? Download one of our interactive prayer journals for an interesting prayer experience.)

  • The other way is to know YOU better.

How do you do that? Spend some time on Career Exploration! Career Exploration is a comprehensive look at you, the you God created you to be. That’s why 7Sisters created our comprehensive (but user-friendly) Career Exploration Bundle. It includes the things you need to understand yourself.

Career Exploration Bundle 7SistersHomeschool.com

  •  You need to truly invest time in understanding yourself- your talents (yes, God gave you talents), your interests, your personality, your values.

That’s what Career Exploration is all about!

  •  You need to truly invest time in examining what God has already done in your life.

Above all, He’s giving you a message, He’s dropping hints.

Who are your role models?

What have you already experienced in life?

The 7 Sisters Career Exploration Bundle is a comprehensive guide for your Career Exploration process.

Download it, pray about it, and get busy exploring! God has plans!!

Our friend, Marcy, at Ben and Me has an EXCELLENT Career Exploration article. You should check it out.

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