17 Great Movies to Inspire Your Homeschoolers

17 Great Movies to Inspire Your Homeschoolers: Some movies are meant for entertainment- that’s all good. But there are movies that are meant to inspire, to help people think greater thoughts and perhaps do greater things.

17 Great Movies to Inspire Your Homeschoolers

17 Great Movies to Inspire Your Homeschoolers

These inspirational films are great tools for homeschool families with teens. Teens need to be stretching themselves to think outside themselves and to catch glimpses of what God wants to do.

Here are 17 of my family’s favorite inspirational movies (in no particular order):

1) Chariots of Fire– the story of Eric Liddle’s courage in standing on his beliefs in the face of royal pressure during the 1920 Olympics.

2) Second-hand Lions– Uncle Hub’s speech on how to be a man is one of the greatest speeches of all time!

3) Luther– Touching story of Martin Luther, well presented.

4) Amazing Grace– William Wilberforce takes a stand against slavery that makes a great role model for our teens.

5) Mother Theresa– Precious presentation on her life, faith, and values.

6) Facing the Giants– Great movie on prayer!

7) Of Gods and Men– Moving story of the martyrdom of some Trappists monks in Algeria during the 1990s, a favorite of my grown kids.

8 ) Mr. Smith Goes to Washington– We love this precious story of standing for what’s right- and the filibuster scene- wow!

9) It’s a Wonderful Life– The greatest movie of all time! Sacrifice, priorities, goodness, angels!

10) The Passion of Joan of Arc– Silent movie from old days, great cinematography, honest presentation.

11) Nicholas Nickleby– Anybody with a teenage son should watch this movie. What a role model!

12) The Lord of the Rings (trilogy)– These movies are rife with choices, sacrifice, meaning, and courage.

13) Sgt. York– Faith-filled, good person, seeking God and becoming a hero.

14) The Crucible– (Scary scenes at the beginning)- great story of standing for what is right.

15) Fireproof– I use this movie as homework in the marital counseling I do.

16) Courageous– Thank God for Christian filmmakers who make movies on truly meaningful topics! (It will come out on DVD eventually…)

17) Muppets Christmas Carol– One of the best presentations of Dickens ever!

These films inspire discussion and wrestling with ideas. Follow up questions could include:

-How is our time period similar or different from this movie?

-What about the main character’s decisions did you agree with? disagree with?

-Did you admire the main character? What about him/her did you admire?

-Were you inspired to do or think anything new?

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17 Great Movies to Inspire Your Homeschoolers

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  1. One of my favorite movies is “The Inn of the Sixth Happiness”. I love this story of courage and sacrifice.

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