3 Reasons Your Teens Will Like Psych on Their Transcripts

Well, really, there are LOTS of reasons, but for brevity: here are just 3 reasons your teens will like Psych on their transcripts!

Like Psych on Their Transcripts

Your Teens Will “Like Psych” on Their Transcripts

Our teens have loved learning Psychology during their homeschool high school years. They enjoyed learning the many topics in 7SistersHomeschool.com’s popular etextbook. These topics include:

  • Introduction to Psychology, 2020 Edition Chapter Topics

    • One: The Brain and How it Works
    • Two: Perception
    • Three: Genetics
    • Four: Learning
    • Five: History of Psychology, Ancient to Pre-Modern Times
    • Six: Psychology into Modern Times
    • Seven: Communication
    • Eight: Needs and Motivation
    • Nine: Looking at Personality & Theory
    • Ten: Sleep & Dreams
    • Eleven: Abnormal Psychology
    • Twelve: Crisis Intervention
    • Thirteen: Psychological Testing
    • Fourteen: Christian Counseling
    • Fifteen: Understanding Research and Statistics
    • Sixteen: Careers in Psychology

Doesn’t that sound interesting? It is! Here are 3 more reasons teens will *like Psych* on the homeschool transcript.

1) A Psychology course “sparkles-up” the transcript.

We have heard from college admissions officers that they are looking for *Sparkle* on the homeschool transcript. That means courses that are beyond just the basic: Language Arts, Maths, Social Studies and Science. One course we’ve heard that they like to see is Psychology. (In fact, they are often looking for .5 credit of a Social Science like Psychology.)

These sparkle courses like Psychology show students who know how to go above and beyond the basics, to work hard at a broad course of study. Here’s a post on about sparkle on the homeschool transcript.

introduction to psychology
Click image for full description.

We believe in sparkle courses because we’ve seen them work for powerful transcripts. If you want more wonderful sparkle elective ideas, our buddy, Betsy at BJ’s Homeschool has 100 suggestions.

2) A Psychology course is FUN!

Well, not all psychology courses are fun. However, we created 7Sisters’ Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective to be a fun, attention-sustaining course.

I wrote Introduction to Psychology with the ideas that my own teens would like Psych. As a mental health counselor myself, I knew the importance of the course. I also knew that there wasn’t a high school Psychology textbook that wasn’t boring. They were over-taught, full of busywork and more information than was useful for teens. They are usually written at AP level, which is fine for AP kids but leaves all the non-AP kids out! Average teen need to like Psych, too!

I also knew that a textbook that covered the necessary scope and sequence briefly (and from a Christian perspective) but was written at a lively, average level would open doors for average teens. And when I gave Honors (AP-type) teens a choice of additional studies and activities they could increase the rigor of their credit in a way that is meaningful and memorable to them.

The point is the that these additional studies for high-rigor teens should be FUN, interesting and valuable. That’s what I built into the course.

My homeschool high schoolers have loved the course and so have hundreds of others over the years. Average teens, non-college-bound teens and college-bound teens like Psych! That’s what I was after!

Curious about how to create a meaningful, honors-level Psychology credit for the homeschool transcript? Check out this post.

3 Ways to Create a High School Psychology Honors Level Credit for Your Homeschooler. Earn an Honors credit for the Homeschool Transcript with these tips. #HomeschoolHighSchool #HomeschoolTranscript #PsychologyCourseHomeschool
Click image to read post.

3) A Psychology course on the homeschool transcript is useful!

There are so many useful life skills homeschool high schoolers learn from 7Sisters Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective. These include:

  • Self-awareness (how the brain works, how perception works)
  • Self-care (caring for sleep, brain-body connections)
  • Other-care (how to help a friend in crisis)

Bonus reason: God is a psychologist, so we can learn to be more like Him with a Psychology course

Just look at the effort He spent in sending the Comforter. He heals the broken hearted and sets captives free…more in this post on God is a Psychologist.

Help for homeschool mom:

Due to popular demand we’ve created a suggested syllabus that you can adapt to your homeschool high schooler’s needs. It is absolutely free! Our gift to you and your homeschool high schoolers. Download the PDF for a suggested syllabus for Psychology today.

Suggested Syllabus for Introduction to Psychology
Click image for full description.

Want some videos and activities to go with each lesson of Introduction to Psychology for your homeschool co-op, or to use in creating that honors-level Psychology credit?

Check out this excerpt from the Psychology text.

Download these Lesson Plans for Introduction to Psychology.

introduction to psychology lesson plans
Click image for full description.

And check out my Pinterest boards for Psychology class.

Download a copy of Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective and find out ways your teens will “like Psych” on their transcripts!

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