3 Simple Ways to Score Tests in Homeschool High School

Here are 3 simple ways to score tests in homeschool high school.

3 Simple Ways to Score Tests in Homeschool High School. 7SistersHomeschool shares practical tips for grading exams in homeschool high school.

3 Simple Ways to Score Tests in Homeschool High School

Because there are so many different ways to grade tests, according to what each student wants or needs, we haven’t assigned points to each problem.

Test Scoring Style #1:

This is not an absolute formula. Adjust at will:

  • Multiple choice, fill in the blank and matching get 1 point.
  • Short answers get 5 points.
  • Longer answers or other types of questions get 7 points.
  • Essay questions (needing several paragraphs) get 10 points.

Add those together for total possible points then take the percentage of correct answers for the grade.

Example: Let’s say Billy-Bob got 4 of 5 multiple choices correct for 4 points. He answered 2 short answer questions correctly for 10 out of 10 points. He correctly answered the essay question for 10 points but did not get the long-answer question correctly so he missed 7 points there.

There were 32 possible points. Billy-Bob’s score was 24/32 or 75%.

If I were Billy-Bob’s mom, I’d want to know what glitched. Did Billy-Bob not understand the material or did he read the longer-answer question incorrectly? This is good discussion material for Mom and Billy-Bob.

Test Scoring Style #2:

With this style, all the points on the test add up to 100 points.

With the same test that Billy-Bob took above, on 100 point scale:

  • 5 multiple choice questions 3 points each
  • 2 short answers 11.5 points each
  • 1 longer answer 22 points
  • 1 essay 40 points

Together to total possible points are 100. To get his score simply subtract the number of incorrect points from 100.

Billy-Bob lost 3 points on multiple choice and lost 22 points on one of the longer answers. 100-25= 75 for his grade.

Same grade, different method.

Test Scoring Style #3:

Imagine that Billy-Bob has severe dyslexia. He is not college-bound; rather he is already apprenticing in carpentry. Mom might want to drop the essays or do those orally. In which case, Style #1 might be best.

These are just 3 styles of test scoring. Remember, there’s not ONE right way to score tests in homeschool high school!

Ways to Score Tests in Homeschool High School parents homeschool high school
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3 Simple Ways to Score Tests in Homeschool High School

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