3 Terrific Transcript Reasons for Learning World History WITH Philosophy

Don’t waste that World History credit on the homeschool transcript! Give it punch by learning World History WITH Philosophy. Here are 3 terrific transcript reasons why!

World History WITH Philosophy

World History WITH Philosophy

When my oldest homeschoolers were entering high school, I had a goal of making their history credits meaningful. I wanted their World History to be a chance to:

  • Learn to be *Thinkers*
  • Because Thinkers can vote wisely
  • And Thinkers can be Godly leaders
  • And Thinkers can create a better culture around them

I taught them a World History integrated with Philosophy course of my own creation. Imperfect, but fun and pretty effective.

History and Philosophy of the Western World

Then I got excited: My oldest son got his PhD in Philosophy! Dr. Micah Tillman took the rough text and truly made the philosophy parts fun, accessible, and pertinent to the historical contexts by integrating the two subjects.  

History and Philosophy of the Western World  is an important choice for a terrific transcript for YOUR homeschool high schoolers. Here are 3 reasons why:

  • Terrific Transcript. When you approach a core subject (like History) from an out-of-the-ordinary perspective, it gives the transcript SPARKLE. (This is something I’ve learned from college admissions officers over the years as I served as academic advisor for local homeschool high schoolers.)


  • Culture-Changer Thinking Skills. History and Philosophy of the Western World is a user-friendly, understandable text that teaches the influential philosophers through Western History (from a Christian worldview). The questions throughout the text give opportunities to learn some powerful thinking skills. Good thinking skills help sculpt future Culture Changers.
World History WITH Philosophy
Dr. Micah Tillman
  • FUN! Dr. Tillman’s light-hearted writing style makes the course fun. AND, once high schoolers get started, they discover that THINKING is FUN!!!

Homeschool high schoolers enjoy 7Sisters History and Philosophy of the Western World by Dr. Tillman and his mom. 

Download your copy today for a fun and USEFUL credit for your homeschool high school student! 

Need more inspiration for helping teens understand how meaningful and important it is to study history? Check out this on why History is boring and how to make it better.

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