3 Ways to Assign Grades in Homeschool High School

Here are 3 ways to assign grades in homeschool high school.

3 Ways to Assign Grades in Homeschool High School

3 Ways to Assign Grades in Homeschool High School

There’s not ONE right way to homeschool high school…and there’s not ONE right way to assign grades in homeschool high school! One of the blessings of education our teens is that we can decide the best way to assign grades for each of their courses.

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Here are 3 ways to assign grades in homeschool high school:

*Grade only tests and projects.

This is a little college prep. Some college teachers only grade tests and projects. Daily homework assignments are simply for the student’s learning process but not graded.

This kind of grading method does not allow much wiggle room – if a teen goofs  on a test, it has a big effect on the grade. If you use this method, make sure your teen learns how to review materials before tests and how to stay on schedule with projects.

In a case like this, quizzes might count 30% of the grade. Tests and projects would count the other 70%. (Adjust percentages according to your preference- there is not a standardized formula for this.)

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*Grade tests, projects, daily assignments and participation. This is a good way to grade when you are working with your teen on good attitude.

In a co-op or group class, a good attitude would allow a homeschool high schooler to contribute to the class discussion. In a home class, work done without whining and complaining might count as participation.

Many college teachers grade on participation. It is rather subjective, so it helps to have the attitude and skill for jumping in on class conversations.

In a case like this you might grade: tests and projects 75%, daily assignments 15% and
participation/attitude 10%. (Again, adjust percentages according to your preference.)

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*Use a rubric. This is an excellent choice for writing assignments. There are many rubrics to be found on the internet. 7Sisters’ writing guides contain rubrics to help you (and your homeschool high schooler) assign grades.

What are some ways you assign grades in your homeschool high school?

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3 Ways to Assign Grades in Homeschool High School




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