3 Ways Chronicles of Narnia Improve Teens’ Critical Thinking Skills

Here are 3 ways Chronicles of Narnia improve teens’ critical thinking skills.

Chronicles of Narnia Improve Teens' Critical Thinking Skills

3 Ways Chronicles of Narnia Improve Teens’ Critical Thinking Skills

Teens need to have sharp critical thinking skills to prepare for adulthood. So how can reading a series of children’s novels help homeschool high schoolers improve their critical thinking skills?

The Chronicles of Narnia

Of course, I’m admittedly biased on this topic. I am a C.S. Lewis junkie, having read all his books and some many times over. The Chronicles of Narnia are an example of multiple readings of a book. After all, Lewis himself said that, ” A children’s book that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.”

Teen should read Chronicles of Narnia again in high school. There are several reasons for this:

  • They are a fun read
  • They enhance spiritual growth
  • They inspire character development
  • They improve teen’s critical thinking skills

7Sisters’ Literature Study Guides for Chronicles of Narnia help teens with their critical thinking skills. (Click here for an excerpt from these guides.)

Here are 3 ways reading Chronicles of Narnia improve your teens’ critical thinking skills:

  • Characters in the books must frequently evaluate and discern what is true. This is an important concept in this day of *fake news*. One of the best Narnian books for this is The Last Battle, a book which is rife with the conflict of true truth and fake truth.


  • Characters in the books must often remember their righteous training and align apparent evidence with what they already know is truth. Think about Voyage of the Dawn Treader: the children must frequently discern between information they are given and what they learned in the days of their reigns about what is real and true.

Voyage of Dawn Treader Literature Study Guide

  • Characters must continuously remember to hang onto Aslan’s words. In The Silver Chair, the children must memorize Aslan’s words and hold onto them throughout great trials.

Silver Chair Literature Study Guide

All our teens will face fake news, challenges to what is right, challenges to God’s words. It takes good critical thinking skills to navigate these trials. The learnings they take away from Narnia will help them develop their critical thinking skills to successfully weather these trials. Download 1 Literature Study Guide or the entire Chronicles of Narnia Literature Study Guide Bundle.

Reading in high school should be about more than simply comprehension.

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3 Ways Chronicles of Narnia Improve Teens’ Critical Thinking Skills

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