3 Ways to Create a High School Psychology Honors Level Credit for Your Homeschooler

High school psychology honors level credit tips and ideas to level up this curriculum!

high school psychology honors level creditHigh School Psychology Honors Level Credit

Do you have a homeschool high schooler who LOVES psychology? Do you have homeschool high schooler who needs more Honors-level courses on their transcripts?

In my service as a homeschool high school advisor, I’ve helped teens level up psychology in 3 different ways using 7 Sisters Homeschool Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective. Here they are. Which one will work for your homeschool high schooler?

By the way, if you’re not sure what levels are, here is a practical post to explain the concept of how to develop a powerful, college-attractive transcript.

1. Complete the extra activities at the end of each chapter of 7Sisters Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective

Each chapter in the text has comprehension questions and optional activities to extend the learning gained in that chapter. Have your homeschool high schooler complete questions and all the activities. Make sure to log hours.

For ½ credit Honors level, your teen will need 68-90 additional hours beyond the questions (check your state’s credit rules). The activities are interesting, relevant, and meant to inspire even more curiosity.

For 1 full credit Honors level, your teen will need to log 203-270 extra hours in activities. This sounds rigorous. RIGHT! That is EXACTLY what it is meant to be. In order to give your homeschool high schoolers honest Honors credit, they should have had to WORK for it! Believe me, it looks GREAT on a transcript. (Don’t cheat your teen on the transcript, be sure to include a description of how the credit was earned in the legend/key.)

introduction to psychology

2. Choose articles and activities from my Homeschool Psychology Resources Pinterest board

Have your homeschool high schoolers read articles that are pertinent to each chapter’s topics. Then have them write a 5-paragraph essay stating:
-how they could apply the article to their lives
-whether they agree with the main ideas of the article (why or why not?)
-why the article surprised or didn’t surprise them

Have your homeschool high schoolers choose activities from the Pinterest board. Have them complete them.

ALSO, use the Pinterest board articles and references from the library to write a full length research paper (preferably APA style, since that is the style that the American Psychological Association invented). Use the 7 Sisters APA Research Paper Writing Guide.

BE SURE to log hours on all activities, reading and writing. (See #1 above for hour suggestions.)

3. Read books.

Choose books suggested in the text or on the Pinterest Board or from the library on psychology topics.

For ½ credit Honors-level, read 8 books and write a 1-page summary of each.

For 1 credit Honors-level, read 24 books and write a 1-page summary of each.

Again this is rigorous, but it is SUPPOSED to be rigorous in order to be an honest honors credit. (Be sure to record in the legend/key of the transcript how the credit was earned so you don’t short-change your homeschool high schooler.)


4. Do the activities from 7Sisters’ Introduction to Psychology Lesson Plans. These lesson plans were specifically designed to be used in a co-op setting, however, lots of homeschool high schoolers tell us that they are attention-grabbing and useful for filling out honors credits on the homeschool transcript. Each chapter in the text has YouTube links and activities that enhance the topic of the chapter. The $2.00 price makes it a don’t-pass-up-this-opportunity download.

introduction to psychology lesson plans

Be creative! Mix and match! Get your teens involved in the choices. Have a great time learning psychology in your homeschool high school! Your teens will be happy you chose this course.

For more information about homeschool high school, transcripts and psychology as a Social Science, check out this post from our friend Marcy at Ben and Me.

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High School Psychology Honors Level Credit

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  1. Hi, I taught your curriculum last semester at a homeschool co-op. The parents are wondering how their students can use the full or .5 honors when they enroll their kids in classes. Is there a document I can give them or how would they go about getting something in writing?

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