3 Ways to Assign Grades to Elective Courses on Homeschool Transcript

There are 3 ways to assign grades to elective courses on homeschool transcript.

3 Ways to Assign Grades to Elective Courses on Homeschool Transcript

3 Ways to Assign Grades to Elective Courses on Homeschool Transcript

In homeschool high school there are 3 basic kinds of courses:

  • Core courses (Math, English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, World Language)
  • Other required courses (These vary by state but often include Fine Arts, Physical Education, Drivers Education)
  • Elective courses (Courses that explore interests, talents, skills and/or develop a transcript to be more college attractive)

Core courses needs a grade on the homeschool transcript. In order to determine a grade, define how that grade was earned (create a rubric for quality of logged hours, *participation*- that is, attitude, projects completed, papers written, etc).

Here is a post on assigning grades for core courses. You might also enjoy this episode of the Homeschool Highschool Podcast about assigning grades.

What about electives? There are at least 3 ways to assign grades to elective courses:


You can use pass/fail for courses not required for college admissions (or your teen is not trying to sparkle up the transcript for college admissions with that elective). Drivers Ed is a good example of P/F. Simply record P or F instead of a grade on the transcript.


You can use the core course method discussed above for any elective. This gives clearer explanation of the quality of work that your homeschool high schooler completed.

Early Childhood education
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Grade per logged hours

Some students log hours for their elective courses or other-required courses. Logging hours is common in Physical Education credits and other electives that rely on experiential learning. When assigning a grade for logged hours, create a rubric that lets the student know:

  • What is required of them as far as activities for the logged hours
    • Field trips
    • Papers
    • Reading
    • Projects
    • Fitness activity
    • Etc
  • How many hours are required (and provide a log sheet or way for the student to document their hours)
  • What components will be graded
    • Quality of projects or papers
    • Analysis of books read
    • Quality or attitude in activities
    • Etc
  • When the student has reached his/her required hours, he can be graded according to the rubric you have designed.

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3 Ways to Assign Grades to Elective Courses on Homeschool Transcript

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