3 Workable Ways to Help Homeschool Teens Own Their Education

Here are 3 workable ways to help homeschool teens own their education.

3 Workable Ways to Help Teens Own Their Education

3 Workable Ways to Help Homeschool Teens Own Their Education

One of the greatest joys I experienced as a parent is my kids graduating and going to college.

Not that they were leaving home… I missed them! The joy I experienced was listening to them tell about their studies in college. They knew how to study. They knew about work/life balance. They did pretty well on caring for themselves. Praise God!

How did I prepare my teens for managing life after homeschool high school?

We came up with ways to help them own their education:


  • Planning. Our teens helped choose their courses and extracurriculars. They helped developed their syllabi for at-home courses. When teens have a voice in that they study and are involved with, they are naturally more engaged.
  • Grading their own papers. They used the rubric for their papers to grade their rough draft and *final* draft and make their own corrections. Then they would give rough and final draft to me for a final official grade. This process gave them the responsibility to find mistakes, correct them and hand in high quality writing. Click here for more information on rubrics.

Time Management

  • Time audits. Some of my teens had a natural ability to manage their time, some did not. For those who needed a better concept of time usage, I taught them how to do time audits. (I conduct my own time audit twice a year, too.) Time audits teach teens self-awareness and time management. Click here for a freebie how-to.
  • Create their own study schedules. My teens would create their own study schedules. Some of my teens did that week-to-week, some did it monthly, some made a semester schedule. They discussed their schedule with me. I checked up on them and their work, but they managed their time. Click here for a PDF on Scheduling Backwards.

scheduling backwards
Personal Management

  • Self-care. Many teens have the skills for self-care under control by high school. We would review anything that slipped. For my teens, they would occasionally forget how important sleep is. We discussed that each day they needed:
    • Adequate water
    • Proper diet
    • Exercise
    • Healthy sleep
    • Breathing
  • Self-monitoring.They learned the 3 W’s: <
  • Social skills. My teens had learned these ten skills when they were young but we reviewed them because social skills lessons can “get forgotten”. Download Social Skills for how-to’s:Social Skills for Children

What are some ways you’ve helped your teens own their own educations?


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3 Workable Ways to Help Homeschool Teens Own Their Education

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