4 Creative Ways to Earn High School Credit in Early Childhood Education

Have a teen that wants some creative life prep/career exploration? Here are 4 ways to earn high school credit in Early Childhood Education.

4 Creative Ways to Earn High School Credit in Early Childhood Education 7SistersHomeschool.com Early Childhood Education is an elective or Career Exploration credit.

Earn High School Credit in Early Childhood Education

Homeschool mom, Cynthia Dunn, used 7Sisters’ Early Childhood Education course with her 9th grade daughter. They really made the best of the program! Here are 4 creative ways Cynthia’s homeschool high schooler earn an Early Childhood Education credit:

Early Childhood education

1) I bought your course on Early Childhood Education and my 9th grade daughter worked through it. She was able to study different views, notable styles like Montessori and others, how young children develop and learn, and more.

2) That year, my daughter and I were hired for a second year of babysitting during a weekly moms’ Bible study group.   That year, they asked us to provide some kind of “lite” program for the kids too – about 6-8 kids from babies to preschoolers.  Hmmm.  That was her first year of high school and we had a lot going on, but what came to mind was the Before Five In A Row program where you read a certain children’s book each week and do learning activities related to the story.

That seemed like something we could adapt, although I was not particularly looking for one more thing to do.  Then, it occurred to me that my daughter could do it and I could count it has Early Childhood Education – so she did.  She read all the information in the BFIAR book, planned and carried out the weekly lessons with my oversight and teaching help, gathered and packed supplies each week, and incorporated ideas of her own.

3) She interviewed a mom from the group that has published a book about education, regarding her thoughts on the early years.

4) Through the church service , she made some contacts for future babysitting work. The parents and the church’s coordinator were very happy with what we did.  I asked the coordinator to write a short letter of commendation at year’s end including specific points about what my daughter did, her reliability, feedback from parents, etc. so that it had some meat to it. It turned out great and nicely rounded out the course.  Gotta say, I did pat myself on the back for making the most of that one!

All in all, we counted it as a one year course on Early Childhood Education because she got the book work in along with the practical experience and all the extras. I may add “Career Exploration” to the title since you’ve said that it’s a valuable thing to show.  (BTW, she has decided that isn’t the career for her and I think that’s just as valuable.)

We LOVE the creative ways Cynthia’s daughter earned a credit in Early Childhood Education! How has your homeschool high schooler earned credit in fun or creative ways? Let us know!


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Earn High School Credit in Early Childhood Education


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