4 Reasons to Choose Community College for Homeschool Graduates

I couldn’t have written this post 3 years ago. I am going to tell you why I think that community college for homeschool graduates is a good choice. I was a dyed-in-the-wool, send-your-kid-away-to-college with my first 4 kids. BUT kid #5 is going to community college in the fall on his older siblings’ advice!

4 Reasons to Choose Community College for Homeschool Graduates. Community college for homeschool graduates can be a great choice. Based on the advice of other homeschool graduates, here's why. #HomeschoolHighSchool #HomeschoolGraduate #HomeschoolToCollege #CommunityCollegeForHomeschoolers

Community College for Homeschool Graduates

My older 4 homeschool graduates have definite opinions about 4-year colleges. They had great experiences in their schools but when all was said and done, they weren’t sure they needed all 4 years to have those experiences. When their kid brother was starting the college search, they had some *big-sibling advice* sessions.

Here’s what they told him:

1) They loved their experiences at the Christian colleges they attended.

However, now that they are college graduates, they feel hindered in what they can do in life by the student loan payments. Those payments limit buying homes, cars, relocating, job choices and more.

2) For many majors, the general education requirements are the same.

Community college gen eds are accepted by many colleges, so why not get a couple of years’ worth of classes at a very affordable price? (Some states, like Delaware, also have special tuition-free programs for good students.)

Of course, some majors have a VERY specific course of study that starts in freshman year (like engineering and some nursing programs). Be sure to check with the 4-year college your homeschooler will transfer to, to see what credits will transfer and if it is possible to start at community college and still be in the major program at transfer time.

3) Many community colleges have outstanding programs.

For instance, our local college has an amazing photography program that is well respected in the region. If you have a special interest, community college for homeschool graduates can be a great choice!

introduction to psychology

4) If a homeschooling high schooler is headed for community college, he will not have to put so much effort into a lot of honors-level courses to give power to his transcript and make him competitive college attractive.

Instead, he can concentrate on courses that enrich his life experiences, lean more into his gifts, and give him opportunities to try on “academic hats” with unusual topics.   My youngest completed courses like Human DevelopmentPsychology, and Apologetics and History and Philosophy of the Western World. He completed the first 2 of those at average level. This gave him more time to level up the History and Philosophy of the Western World to Honors because that interested him more. (Read this post on how to level up to Honors for History and Philosophy of the Western World.)

History and Philosophy of the Western World

Don’t forget, 7 Sisters is sharing our Apologetics curriculum FREE, thanks to Dr. Culley, who believes God has called him to equip for the gospel our kids at no-cost but time. 

As we always say: There’s not ONE right way to homeschool high school! The joy of homeschooling is doing what is best for your high schooler!

The same is true for college: There’s not one right way to go to college. Do what’s best for your homeschool graduate!

In the meantime, enjoy the tar out of these high school years. Have your teen study curriculum that will truly be meaningful for them, including 7SistersHomeschool subjects! They will be better for it!


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Community College for Homeschool Graduates


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