5 Reasons Why Homeschool Teens Need Career Exploration

Well, there are LOTS more reasons but here are 5 reasons why homeschool teens need Career Exploration.

5 Reasons Why Homeschool Teens Need Career Exploration

5 Reasons Why Homeschool Teens Need Career Exploration

One of the most important courses we 7Sisters have given our homeschool high schoolers is Career Exploration. Having a comprehensive Career Exploration course has help our teens:

  • Discover careers and apprenticeships to try
  • Clarify careers that would or would not be a good fit.

In fact, we do not recommend that teens graduate without a Career Exploration course. Why? Let us share 5 top reasons why our teens need Career Exploration.

Reason #1: Career Exploration helps teens discover or clarify career choices

Some teens are born knowing what they want to do career-wise after graduation. On the other hand, some teens love so many career ideas that it is hard to make a choice. Then, there are teens who do not have a clue about a future career.

Career Exploration helps each of those teens as they work on finding a good choice or solidifying their ideas. This is the overall goal for a Career Exploration elective.

Reason #2: Career Exploration helps teens get to know themselves better

Self-awareness is an important life skill. One part of self-awareness for teens is:

  • Understanding their strengths and weaknesses
    • All teens are gifted, skilled or talented in some kind of way. It is important to explore and develop these.
    • On the other hand, they also have weaknesses. That is okay. However, it is important to clarify weaknesses so that teens do not go down a career path that requires a majority of time in their weakness area.
  • Discovering and defining their interests
    • Many teens have lots of interests.
    • Others haven’t had time to explore things that might interest them.
    • Help them look into interests: discover or develop them.
  • Clarifying their career values
    • Career values are the values (lifestyle factors) that are meaningful to each person. These values include things like:
      • Work/life balance
      • Income needs
      • Work setting comfort

Reason #3: Career Exploration helps teens notice what God has done in their lives so far

For Christian teens, a comprehensive Career Exploration course discusses ways to understand God’s will.

Also, God works in teens through the guidance and inspiration of role models, that’s why 7Sisters Career Exploration textbook includes a look at role models.

  • What were their careers?
  • What did they like or dislike about their jobs?

Often, God works in teens’ lives through their experiences, so a good Career Exploration course includes:

  • Teens’ experiences academically and other circumstances
  • Also, interviews with adults who are significant in their lives

Reason #4: The apprenticeships/internships (that are part of a comprehensive Career Exploration course) build a rich transcript

Many teens who are applying to competitive colleges need a good variety of electives on their homeschool transcripts. Importantly, they need to show that they have developed an interest or skill through electives in their interest areas.

Career Exploration-related apprenticeships and internships show that teens are able to invest in their future interests. Investment of time and energy in a possible future college (or trade school) major shows dedication (and gives transcripts sparkle).

BTW- Homeschool high schoolers can also delve into career interests through academic subjects. Here are some courses that count as Career Exploration.

Reason #5: Teens enjoy Career Exploration experiences

When homeschool high schoolers have an opportunity to use 7Sisters Career Exploration Textbook, they have told us that they really enjoy the simple, light-hearted approach to Career Exploration. Like all 7Sisters curriculum, Career Exploration Textbook. is light-hearted and has no busywork.

Career Exploration Textbook 7SistersHomeschool
Click image for full description.

7Sisters Career Exploration Textbook contains the following components:

  • God and Career Exploration
  • Role Model Questionnaire
  • My Experiences
  • Preliminary List of Jobs
  • Recognizing Your Strengths, Gifts, and Talents
  • Knowing Your Career Values
  • Clarifying Your Interests
  • Research Break: Do Some Assessments
  • Putting It Together
  • Investigating Some Careers
  • Trying on Career Hats with Interviews, Apprenticeships, or Internships
  • Job Hunting Skills
    • Experiential Resume
    • Cover Letters
    • Interview Skills
  • Supplemental Chapters:
    • Career Exploration in the Bible
    • Creating a Personal Mission Statement

These are five reasons that teens need Career Exploration. Your teens will be glad you made this course available to them. Download the Career Exploration Textbook. for your high schooler and help them be more prepared for life after graduation.

Click here to view an excerpt from Career Exploration Textbook.

BTW- For more on Career Exploration, check out our Cousin Betsy Sproger’s advice.


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