5 Reasons Your Teen Needs to Study History and Philosophy of the Western World

Here are 5 reasons why your teen needs to study World History and Philosophy of the Western World.

History and Philosophy of the Western World

5 reasons why your teen needs to study History and Philosophy of the Western World

Why not have some fun and develop your teens’ thinking skills while they earn their World History credit? 7Sisters’ History and Philosophy of the Western World has been a favorite of many of our teens. Here’s why your homeschool high schoolers will benefit from this useful course:

1. They NEED an awesome transcript.

Out-of-the box courses add sparkle to a transcript and are attractive to admissions officers. If your homeschooler’s World History credit has depth in an important topic (not just the usual people, dates and places but the power of the philosophic ideas that drove the people, dates and places), it helps the transcript’s “awesomeness level”.

2. They already studied World History a bunch of times, so a FRESH approach is NEEDED.

It is WAY more fun to study World History a new way!

3. They NEED to discover that philosophers’ ideas have been running the world for about 3000 years- quietly, behind the scenes (and often 10 years after they died).

Here’s an example: In the generation before our founding fathers, the philosopher, John Locke, wrote

History and Philosophy of the Western World
Philosophers like John Locke run the world- just from the back side…

that all men were created equal and endowed by their Creator with some rights that included life, liberty, and property. Sound familiar? Our founding fathers studied Locke, adapted it for our continent, and the United States of America was born.

4. If they understand that philosophic ideas are running the world today, they will be less likely to get snookered by the next goofy idea on politics, economics, or lifestyle- they’ll know it was someone’s idea and that they can come up with their own ideas.

5. They NEED to be prepared to become world culture-influencers- History and Philosophy of the Western World is a great place to start.

History and Philosophy of the Western World

Written by 7 Sister Vicki Tillman (me) and my oldest son, Dr. Micah Tillman (philosophy instructor at Stanford University’s Online High School), History and Philosophy of the Western World has been used as textbook for local homeschool classes for years.

This user-friendly, college-prep, doesn’t-need-mom’s-help-unless-she-wants-to text shares an overview of world history from ancient Miletus to modern America. We explain the philosophers that impacted each culture (and the ways the culture influence the philosophers) and throw in some important moments in church history, too.

History and Philosophy of the Western World
Dr. Micah Tillman

A homeschooler who is grounded in History and Philosophy of the Western World will be better prepared to be a culture-influencer!

History and Philosophy of the Western World is a light-hearted 1 credit etext that helps homeschoolers discover the ways that philosophers have impacted their world since before the ancient Greeks – and the ways the world has impacted the philosophers.

This 280-page text includes 30 short, no-busywork chapters with:

  • pictures and maps (so that it is not boring to read)
  • vocabulary and new concepts in sidebars to help facilitate learning
  • comprehension questions for each chapter that help students test their knowledge and begin to develop philosophic thinking skills
  • tests
  • answer keys
  • a final applying-what-you-learned paper with grading rubric
  • instructions on how to raise the level of this 1 credit college-preparatory course to advanced or honors levels (to add power to the high school transcript and richness of experience)

This user-friendly curriculum may be completed by a homeschooling high schooler with or without parental support.  It also works well with homeschool group classes.

Topics covered in History and Philosophy of the Western World that are favorites with various homeschoolers include:

Ancient Greece, Ancient Turkey, and the Natural Philosophers
The Miletans
Ancient Italy and its Philosophers
Early Greek Philosophy
Early Athens and the Sophists
Greece Versus Persia
Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic Philosophers
The Middle Ages
St. Augustine
St. Thomas Aquinas

Early Church Reformers
The Renaissance
The Reformation Across Europe
The Baroque Period and Rene Descartes
British Empiricists
The Rationalists and the French Revolution
Immanuel Kant
The Romantic Philosophers and Georg Hegel
The Industrial Revolution
Kierkegaard and Existentialism
The Revolutionary Philosophers- Darwin and Marx
Twentieth Century Philosophers
Twenty-first Century Philosophers

Help prepare your homeschooling teens to be world influencers!

Click here for an excerpt!

Need more inspiration for helping teens understand how meaningful and important it is to study history? Check out this on why History is boring and how to make it better.


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5 Reasons Why Your Teen Needs History and Philosophy of the Western World

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  1. My tenth-grade son, Jonah, took this course and loved it. He ended up voluntarily expanding his year-end personal reflection paper into a 10-pager because he had so many ideas he wanted to write about! Highly recommended – I’ve never seen a book like it for high school students.

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