5 Steps for Catching Up When Your Homeschool High School is Behind

Here are 5 steps for catching up when your homeschool high school is behind.

Podcast Catching Up When Your Homeschool High School is Behind

5 Steps for Catching Up When Your Homeschool High School is Behind

It happens to us all sometimes…we get behind.

It’s so easy to fall behind on our educational goals for our homeschool high schoolers! There is so much that must be covered and our teens tend to be so busy living life that it can make our schedules overly full.

So here are 5 steps for catching up when your homeschool high school is falling behind.

Step 1: What do you want the end of this school year to look like? What will your teens finish?

  • What will they have accomplished?
  • Don’t spend too much time on this, we’ll be adjusting in a minute but you need to brain dump onto a piece of paper so that you can realistically readjust.

Step 2: Pull out your original goals for the year.

  • Compare the 2 sets of goals. Keep breathing…keep breathing… As 7Sister Sabrina likes to say, “Is it UGLY?”
  • Now it is time to forgive yourself (and your teens…and everything else that has interrupted your goals).

Step 3: Now realistically evaluate. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What can actually happen?
  • What must happen?
  • What is definitely NOT going to happen?
    • BTW- This is not failure, it is a sign that life happens.
  • What type of credit did you want the courses to be?
    • Were there a bunch of honors credits and it turned out to be too much for the year?
    • Did your teen really need all those honors credits? Pare down the unnecessary honors-levels.
      • If your homeschool high schoolers is going to be an English major, keep the honors levels for English and level-down to College Prep for Math and Science this year.

Step 4: Make practical adjustments, such as:

  • Adjust your booklists.
    • If your teen has overshot on his goals because his booklist goals were too high. Reset the target number a little lower.
    • Use some audiobooks.
    • Classics need to be read in high school, however, they don’t need to read tons of classics each year. Burnout it bad! Adapt instead!
      • They need more time on classics, so choose a couple and do quality work on a classic.
      • Do a literature guide to make sure they are doing quality literature analysis on a few.
        • Aim for 10 Literature Guides per year, so if they do 3-5 classics, the other books can be easier.
    • Read some shorter books. Not all reading needs to be 300-page books!
    • Classic kids books that are adaptable to teen levels (for instance, Chronicles of Narnia with 7Sisters’ high school Literature Study Guides)
    • The Chronicles of Narnia Literature Guides
      • Count some books of the Bible. Really read it. You can count a few. (Check your local supervising agency for details.)
  • Adjust some Math lessons.
    • If your homeschool high schooler is mastering a chapter, DON’T do all the problems. Have them do every other problem.
    • If your teen is struggling, move other subjects down the priority list and adjust your curriculum.
  • Science labs: You can count a few virtual labs and field trips.
  • Postpone Electives Until Summer.
    • If you need to sideline elective work in order to finish the core subjects, because they are interested, homeschool high schoolers can sideline those studies and finish those in the summer.

Step 5: Get your homeschool high schooler’s buy in. Discuss it together.

scheduling backwards

  • Maybe discuss it over a delicious snack (makes a friendly setting for discussion).
  • Model the good life skills of resilience, prioritizing and adapting.

7SistersHomeschool.com’s curriculum is adaptable to varying interesting levels and time frames. Visit our store and try some Literature, Writing, or Elective e-texts to help you finish your homeschool high school year strong!


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5 Steps for Catching Up When Your Homeschool High School is Behind

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