5 Things Moms of Homeschool Tweens Need to Know

Here are 5 things homeschool middle school moms need to know.

5 Things Homeschool Middle School Moms Need to Know

5 Things Homeschool Middle School Moms Need to Know

Homeschooling middle school is one of the best times ever! However, sometimes the thought of high school looming in the near future gives homeschool moms the willies. After homeschooling all 5 of my kids through high school, I thought I’d share some comforting things middle school moms should know.

1) Homeschool middle school is NOT just prep for high school

Think about it. If God meant for our kids to spend all of middle school thinking about high school, I bet He’d just skip those years and get right down to business (grades 1,2,3,4,5,9,10,11,12). Why waste unnecessary time worrying about the future? Invest in the present!

That doesn’t mean that if your middle schooler is ready for high school when they are in grades 7 or 8 you shouldn’t allow them to forge ahead in their academics. Some tweens need to push on ahead.

But many tweens are still using a lot of energy growing (early pubescence) and their brains aren’t ready for high school work. That’s okay! There’s not ONE right way to homeschool middle school. Here’s an encouraging post.

7Sisters’ has some curriculum that helps you gently explore their readiness to move into high school work. You can start with working together with your homeschool tween to read two or three classic books and complete the study guide. If your tween is ready for early high school work, after the first study guide, he/she can do the next guide with you *on call* but not working together.

Start out by downloading our FREE Middle School Literature Study Guide for the classic favorite: Misty of Chincoteague.

Misty literature study guide

Many middle schoolers can work through the study guide for Mrs. Frisby on their own.

Check out other guides in our ebookstore.

You can also introduce essay writing to your homeschool middle schooler. You will probably work on this guide together unless your tween is already pretty independent.

2) Homeschool middle school is a time to notice skills and talents

In middle school, you have a little more time than in high school to have adventures and try new things. In having lots of experiences, young people may begin to discover some of the gifts that God has given them. Go on field trips, do some service projects, discover some arts and crafts or sports.

3) Homeschool middle school is a time to catch up on slow subjects

If you know that your homeschool middle schooler is slow or behind on some subjects, use grades 6-8 to bolster their understanding and do lots of catch up work.

All children have weaknesses, use these years to teach your student good compensations for weaknesses:

4) Homeschool middle school is a time to solidify basic social skills

Homeschooled or not, many middle schoolers feel awkward and unconfident. Teach them some basic skills and etiquette. (Download our ebook on with the 10 basic skills I taught my kids.)

5) Homeschool middle school is time to have fun

There is so much serious stuff that must be learned in high school. So make the most of today! Enjoy middle school! Have fun! Laugh! Do some fun assignments. Try 7Sisters’ Fairy Tale Writing e-workbook. Tweens love it.

short story fairy tale

Some middle schoolers may be ready to jump into high school stuff. However, many of them need those between years to grow and mature. Give them time! Have some fun!

FREE Marvelous Middle School! Our tips for making the most out of the fun years!

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5 Things Homeschool Middle School Moms Need to Know

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  1. I really agree with middle school being time to notice skills and talents. It’s a great idea to focus some of that energy into a talent that has possibilities for college scholarships, too!

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