Homeschool to College: 5 Tips for Making Friends in College

Going from homeschool to college: 5 tips for making friends in college.

5 Tips for Making Friends in College

Homeschool to College: 5 Tips for Making Friends in College

Got a homeschool senior who is planning on college? My homeschool graduates who have gone off to college have shared some tips they used for making friend in college. Here are the top 5:

1. Keep your dorm room open when you are in the room

An open dorm door is an invitation for a visit! Even new students say “hi” when there is an open door.

2. Join 2 groups or organizations

  • The value of this is what we call “proximal play”. If you participate in activities together, friendships naturally form over time.
  • My kids have participated in choir, orchestra, praise team, outreaches to the poor, slow-food alliances, nature groups, history clubs, missions trips. You don’t have to be passionately interested- you just need activity!

3. Make ritual/routine events

Human beings tend to love ritual. Here are a couple of fun friend-making ideas various kids have used:

  • lunch table (Invite students who are sitting alone to join you and/or kids from your dorm floor and classes. Over time, everyone will know to meet at a certain time and certain table. This gives great opportunity for talking and laughing together.)
  • bedtime stories (My daughter and her friends periodically had read-alouds at night with favorite old stories like the Chronicles of Narnia. It attracted a good crowd!)

4. Join department excursions

This is a good chance to make friends within your own major. Time and experiences help friendships to form. Go- even if you are not all that interested in the topic!

5. Participate in dorm activities

Dorms often have activities for the students. Some may seem silly, but go. If it is one of those events where people just stand around and chat (like ice cream socials), find someone who is standing alone and introduce yourself. Keep your shoulders back, chin up, and SMILE! Ask about their major and where they are from. Automatic new bud!

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4 Replies to “Homeschool to College: 5 Tips for Making Friends in College”

  1. I have to emphasize the part about taking part in residence hall (dorm) activities! As a former residence hall staff member, I can tell you the staff wants you to have a great experience in your home away from home.

    Many times they would even love your suggestions and ideas for activities and welcome your help carrying them out. That can be another great way to connect with the folks you live with!

    Have fun!

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