6 Necessary Life Skills Gained from Studying Human Development

Here are 6 necessary life skills gained from studying Human Development.

6 Necessary Life Skills Gained from Studying Human Development

6 Necessary Life Skills Gained from Studying Human Development

When I was a mom of 4 youngsters, I went back to school through Liberty University to earn my Masters Degree in Counseling.

The course I found most useful for my own life was Human Development.

Human Development teaches the ways people grow and change from womb to old age: physically, cognitively, and social-emotionally.

I was so excited to discover the reasons for things that I was experiencing every day with my own kids:

-what was going on in my 4 year-old’s brain when he thought the moon was following us

-why my 4th grader was concerned that he wasn’t good enough at anything

-lots of practical life stuff

It gave me wisdom and patience in raising my children.

When my kids first hit high school, I wanted them to have a Human Development credit, too. The problem? I couldn’t find a text written from a Christian worldview.

So I wrote one for them.

Our local community has been using my Human Development text for 10 years now- individually, in co-ops, and in our umbrella school’s homeschool group classes. It has become popular for some Christian schools to use it with their high schoolers.

Here is why YOUR teen should not leave home without Human Development– it will help him/her:

1) Understand self and others: 




-church and community

2) Become a better babysitter or caregiver

3) Gain knowledge about how God made our human bodies to grow and change from womb to old age

4) Learn wisdom about how God made our minds to think at different stages of life

5) Obtain tools for personal development

6) Earn a high school credit

(Our umbrella school, Mt. Sophia Academy gives our kids 1 credit in health or science elective to students who complete the text and activities. The text is designed as an average high school credit but also contains activities and readings to increase the credit level to both college-prep and honors.)

Bonus! Check out this episode of Homeschool Highschool Podcast with Christian Buck discussing personalized study skills with the School of Sport.

I truly encourage all homeschool high schoolers to take Human Development. Download it today and also check out my Pinterest board for some cool supplemental videos and articles.

6 Necessary Life Skills Gained from Studying Human Development

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