7 Reasons Why Elementary Activity Guides Give Advantages to Young Learners

Our Elementary Activity Guides give advantages to young learners. Here’s why.

7 Reasons Why Elementary Homeschoolers Love Literature Activity Guides. Give your young readers an advantage with hands-on learning.

7 Reasons Why Elementary Activity Guides Give Advantages to Young Learners

This special post is by the author of our 7Sisters’ Elementary Literature Activity Guides, Wayne Thorp. Wayne is a 7th “brother” because he’s married to our 7Sister, Allison, and is the author of our delightful, developmentally appropriate and FUN Elementary Literature Activity Guides.

7Sisters’ Elementary Literature Activity Guides are built around:

Children love reading the books, or having them read to them. Then they love following up on the story with activities from the 7Sisters Literature Activity Guides.

Activity Guide You Are Special
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Here are Wayne Thorp’s 7 reasons why Elementary Activity Guides give advantages to young learners:
7Sisters’ Elementary Activity Guides are aptly named. They provide an interactive advantage for a book or story. No more “Here, read this and answer the questions.”

The advantages of using literature activity guides include:

* specific vocabulary to provide a better insight to the selection
* suggested spelling list with a phonetic theme
* introduction and reinforcement of sight & high frequency words in a game-style context
* focus activity on one (or maybe two) specific reading strategies appropriate to the book
* review of the story elements for each fiction piece

Literature Activity Guide for Corduroy
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* opportunities to delve more deeply in the subject matter — with a selection of options!
* and, yes, some comprehension questions  — but some which require the reader to THINK about what was just read (not just regurgitate facts)

Learning should not be a passive sport. The more actively engaged the learner, the more learning takes place.

According to Dale’s Cone of Experience (Dale, 1969) people generally remember just 10% of what they read, but up to 70% of what they say and write and 90% of what they do!

As parents educators we want our children to do far more than simply define or describe what they’ve read; we want them to retain and be able to analyze and create based on knowledge they’ve obtained through interaction with literature.

Using an activity guide provides motivation for a reader as well as stimulate a child’s imagination! Download the Complete List of Elementary Literature Activity Guides to help you with your planning!


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7 Reasons Why Elementary Activity Guides Give Advantages to Young Learners

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