7Sisters Curriculum for States that Reimburse

For those who are in these states: 7Sisters Curriculum for States that Reimburse.
7Sisters Curriculum for States that Reimburse

7Sisters Curriculum for States that Reimburse

So many of our homeschool friends are living in states that will reimburse for curriculum purchases.

However, these states will only  reimburse homeschooling families for curriculum that meets certain guidelines. These guidelines often include the requirement that the curriculum should not be of a religious nature. We have received so many requests for 7Sisters’ no-busywork curriculum that will meet these requirements!

So, we made it happen!

You will find these 7Sisters textbooks and guides listed on the website in the category:

Curriculum Acceptable for States that Reimburse!

Each of these textbooks, writing guides or literature guides includes a bright, red medallion on the cover to show that it is curriculum adapted for state reimbursement guidelines.

Check back with us periodically for updates and feel free to send us requests. We appreciate our many homeschooling families and friends in every American state.

BTW- Check out this Homeschool Highschool Podcast episode for more information on 7Sisters curriculum for states that reimburse.

Here is the list so far for the curriculum acceptable for states that reimburse:

Here is the current list of 7Sisters curriculum that is acceptable for states that reimburse.


ELA Bundles:

Writing Guides:

Essay Writing

Research Paper Writing

Short Story Writing

Poetry Writing

Free Literature Guide:    

American Literature: 

American Literature Bundle

American Literature Individual Study Guides

British Literature:

British Literature Bundle

British Literature Individual Study Guides


Shakespeare Bundle

Shakespeare Individual Guides

World Literature:

World Literature Bundle

World Literature Individual Study Guides

Cinema Studies for Literature Learning:

Download your curriculum that is acceptable for states that reimburse! Hope you have a wonderful school year!


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