7th Sisters Share Their “Aha” Moments

Our 7th Sisters share their “aha” moments with us in our fb group. We thought we’d share then with you!

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7th Sisters Share Their “Aha” Moments

#JustLikeYouButOlder Our favorite hashtag!

If you have spent anytime with us you know there are 6 sisters who work endlessly on providing no busywork curriculum at 7Sisters Homeschool.

We love when our 7th sisters find encouragement in not being alone in the high school journey. When they can find help in teaching high school and having “aha” moments that make homeschooling high school easier.

In December we took a moment to ask the 7th Sisters in our Facebook group to share some of their experiences. We loved hearing all the “aha”moments” with the group. We 6 Sisters were so moved by their knowledge and experiences that we wanted to share with all our 7th Sisters.

So here is a recap of our 7th Sisters Facebook group comments. They are in a random order of appearance so not to have a sibling rivalry happen in the Facebook group.

7th Sister No busy work no overkill curriculum

“Aha” Moments

  • My “a-ha” moment was when we started using your curriculum. Then we realized that high school work doesn’t have to be intimidating, overwhelming, and stressful to be good quality. That’s a rare find in the homeschool curriculum world.
  • Yes, I agree that it doesn’t have to be stressful and overwhelming to be great quality. And your curriculum proves this
  • My “a-ha” moment was using the curriculum to begin with. I had heard about it tons of times but only after finally hitting “purchase” did I realize what a blessing your curriculum was.  It’s been a fantastic resource for our family.
  • My a-ha moment was downloading, reading, and using the guide to a research paper! We haven’t begun yet but it is on the agenda for next semester. You made me much less afraid!!

    APA Style Research Paper Writing Guide 7SistersHomeschool.com
    Click image for information.
  • The aha moment was realizing that teaching writing didn’t need to be as complicated or stressful as we had previously experienced!
  • That I can easily adapt your curriculum for different levels of interest and ability using the handy chart in the front for basic high school, college prep or honors levels. Genius!!!
  • Teaching writing has never been my strength. When my daughter started using your writing programs and she was doing so well and loving it. I thought wow I wish I had know about these with my other girls. Thanks for making it so doable!
    My aha moment was using you curriculum helped me give my son exactly the literature and writing he needed not what someone else thought he needed. And he loved the the poetry! Who knew!
  • My “a-ha” moment was when I realized the perfection of the name choice “7 Sisters Homeschool!” With 7 Sisters curriculum, as their little sister, they give me the foundation to teach classes that I would have never attempted on my own! I am not a math person, at all, but with 7 Sisters, I taught Financial Literacy this semester! Next semester, I am going to teach Philosophy?!?…what??…But, I am looking forward to it, because of my 7 Sisters curriculum that movies count as literature!!!
  • The aha moment for me was realizing how simple teaching high school can actually be.
  • My ah-ha moment has been in realizing that electives and things like exploring careers are a needed part of a high school education, especially for my dyslexic daughter. I also appreciate the different levels of work my daughter can put into her health class. We can expand where there is interest. Because she never gets overwhelmed with too many expectations or busy work that isn’t helpful.

    Financial Literacy from a Christian Perspective 7SistersHomeschool.com
    Click image for information.
  • Mine was simply reading through the examples before I bought it. It clicked that high school writing could really be simple and cost effective.


If you need some help and guidance about homeschooling high school please join our Facebook group! We strive to be that big sister who can help you on your journey!

New 7th Sister:

If you are a new 7th Sister we would love for you to know that among all of us at 7Sisters Homeschool, we’ve homeschooled 26 children through graduation and taught hundreds of others in co-ops and group classes over the past 20+ years.

While homeschooling high school in particular, we found that sometimes the available homeschool curriculum options were a poor fit for our kids OR were so full of busywork that they left us no time to do the education of REAL LIFE.

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