5 Things 9th Graders Need to Know

I was working with a group of homeschool 9th graders recently. They were sitting bright-eyed and nervous on their first day of group classes. Their first day in high school. Big stuff!

9th Graders need to know

5 Things 9th Graders Need to Know

I asked them why they were here.

“To learn”

“To take some classes my mom didn’t want to teach”

“Because it’s fun to be in this group”

I asked why they were here on earth.

*nervous silence*

I rephrased: What is God’s purpose for you?

*worried silence*

Many 9th graders haven’t given life after high school much thought- maybe just enough thought to be stressed about it. Some worry that they are pointless beings, not-good-enough, or don’t matter.

So I went ahead and told them the answer:

“God never makes a mistake. He has you here on earth for a purpose. He has a story He is writing in your life. He will use you to write His story in the lives of others. Homeschool high school is the perfect time to prepare yourself to be in that story:

-Learn how He made you (the things you’re good at, the things that make your feel like you’ve done well or been a blessing)

-Learn how to use words so that you can explain things (like life, the Gospel, friendship, etc.) to others

-Learn how to balance hard work (like studying boring or difficult subjects), fun, and self-care

-Learn to treat yourselves and others well

-Learn how to accept that you matter, you have a purpose.”

There were some sighs of relief and smiles.

We’ve already settled 5 necessary things that 9th graders need to know.


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5 Things 9th Graders Need to Know

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5 Things 9th Graders Need to Know


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