Fine Arts for Non-Artsy People

How on earth do you help your homeschooling high schooler earn a fine arts credit if neither of you are artsy? Vicki Tillman shares a fun and easy way to earn a General Fine Arts credit in a way that enriches your teen with beautiful (and simple) experiences. This is a no-fuss, no-fail way to…

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Combining Credits: Literature, History Elective, Fine Arts. Build a strong transcript and make the most of your homeschool high schoolers' time by aligning topics.

Combining Credits: Literature, History Elective, Fine Arts

As homeschool academic advisor, I’ve enjoyed looking back at various ways of combining credits for great high school experiences. Today I’d like to share how we created useful and inspirational combined credits for my youngest. Combining Credits My youngest son is a musician. He has played guitar and drums on church worship teams for years.…

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