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Loved using YouTube to show concepts. Loved the enrichment activities and discussions. Thanks for writing the Psychology curriculum!

GATE Co-op

I’m a Science teacher in our co-op. Found the Intro to Psychology and Human Development curricula- it sounded much more fun to teach than Physics. We had a great group of high schoolers as my “guinea pigs” for this new class (we went thru psych and then right into HDev for year long class). It was AWESOME! Got great feedback from the students and I hope to offer it again when next group of HS students get there.

Lisa C.

I like the ease of use and varying levels of challenge offered with the literature bundles. I can use the same novel with my kids while allowing them to work at his or her individual level. We have had rich dinner conversations thanks to many of the writing prompts and questions.

Courtney E.

I LOVE your podcast!  I really feel like the 7th sister, laughing and enjoying homeschooling with you on The Homeschool High School Podcast!

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