What Is a Comprehensive Career Exploration Curriculum?

career exploration curriculum

Career Exploration Curriculum

It is vital that your homeschool high schoolers complete a comprehensive Career Exploration curriculum so that they can make wise choices about the future!

Instead of graduating from high school with a shrug of the shoulders and a sigh of, “Well, I guess I need to figure out what I want to do with my life now…” your teen should be intentionally exploring areas of interest, strength and talent. He or she should be seeking God, seeking wise counsel from trusted people, and trying out different types of job fields.

A comprehensive look at a Career Exploration will include experiences in:

  1. Role models: Which people have been an influence on your teens? How?
  2. Self-knowledge: What are your teens’ gifts, talents, and interests? What is their God-given personality? What jobs fit these gifts, interests and personality?
  3. Experiences: What have your high schoolers’ life experiences taught them? Do some of life’s experiences point your teen toward a specific career (or away from a specific career)?
  4. Values: What values are important to your teen? Is is religion? family? money? adventure? climbing the ladder? predictability?
  5. Owning it: How do they take ownership of what God is teaching them? What is a mission statement?
  6. Research: What are job possibilities? The outlook for a real job in that field? Training needed? Salary expectations?
  7. Try it out: How can you help your teen learn to market themselves for apprenticeships so that they can try out career possibilities? How do they create resumes and cover letters?

7 Sisters Career Exploration textbook answers these questions!

When your teens complete 7 Sisters’ Career Exploration textbook, they will have covered in detail all 7 components of a comprehensive Career Exploration curriculum. They will be prepared to follow God’s lead for the next stage in life!

Download your Career Exploration textbook! And keep reading the blog every day this week for lots of great Career Exploration ideas for your homeschool.


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Career Exploration Curriculum


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