A Daughter Says Thanks for Homeschooling

A daughter says thanks for homeschooling. It is what all of us homeschooling parents love to hear.

A Daughter Says Thanks for Homeschooling

A daughter says thanks for homeschooling
The Thorps (Hannah on right)

A daughter says thanks for homeschooling. It is what all of us homeschooling parents love to hear.

This is a classic post. Hannah Thorp, RN has now finished college and is working as a nurse in DE. She wrote this post just after her graduation from homeschool high school.

Recently we celebrated my mom’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Mommy!!

In honor of her birthday, I am going to write a post about what she does: homeschooling.

Homeschooling is something very, very near and dear to my heart. My mom homeschooled both of my siblings and myself all the way through from Kindergarten to graduation. While growing up I never felt cheated or deprived or guarded simply because I didn’t go to school everyday. I wasn’t antisocial (anyone who has ever met me knows this) and I wasn’t naive.

Homeschooling is a massively misunderstood practice. I cannot tell you how many times my own close friends mocked and made fun of me for being homeschooled, I would get angry, but then I would realize that they made fun simply because they didn’t understand.

I would love to explain everything about homeschooling in this post so that there is no more confusion on the subject, but that is an impossible task. I will settle for simply conveying a few more thoughts on the subject.

Homeschooling is a great way to teach your children and I am in full support of it; however, I do not believe that it is for everyone.

A Daughter Says Thanks for Homeschooling
Hannah and her cousin, Bekah

Every person is different and everyone learns in a different way and the homeschool layout just doesn’t work for all types of people, but the same thing applies to traditional schooling, some types of people just cannot thrive there and shouldn’t be expected to.Now as for me, my parents and I both agree that I would have done very well in a traditional school setting, but neither of us wanted all the negatives that came along with public school (I am aware that private school is also an option sometimes, just not in this case).

Many people argue with my family that since we have not been out in school, once we graduate we will not be prepared enough to deal with the real world. I can tell from personal experience that that is pure bull crap. One time my mom was talking with an acquaintance about the importance of Christians going to secular colleges. My mom is a supporter of this, not as a blanket rule, but she thinks it is a wise idea (again, this isn’t a hard a fast rule, after all my brother attends a private Christian college).

The person she was talking to, knowing she homeschoold, (half-jokingly) said, “So why shouldn’t they be in the secular word in high school?”

My mom’s response is something that has always stayed with me and something I believe very strongly, she said, “Because they’re not ready yet.” What she meant by this was, “High school is a time of really learning what you believe as a Christian and building your faith and where you stand. High school should be the time that the students are being built up and shown how to deal with what life will throw out at them.” Does that make sense?

A Daughter Says Thanks for Homeschooling, conclusion

Valedictorian for her umbrella school

I hope this post hasn’t just served to cause more confusion. I probably should have actually tried to organize my thoughts with this one. Haha…oh well! I will probably be posting more about my homeschool experience and what type of homeschooling (yes, there is more than one type) I experienced.

For now, I’ll just wrap this up and say that my main point is this: Parents should possess the freedom to choose what sort of high school education their children need.

I am thankful my parents had that choice and that my mom felt it was a worthwhile investment to teach my siblings and me. Once again, Happy Birthday Mom!!


Hannah used much of 7 Sisters curriculum during high school and was well prepared for her college experiences. Check our products page for great high school etextbooks!

A Daughter Says Thanks for Homeschooling

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