A Homeschool Christmas Poem

A Homeschool Christmas poem in honor of our annual Baking Day with Kym Smythe and her kids (we baked on Wednesday this year), here is my classic post: a silly ode to Christmas baking with Jonah, my youngest.  Merry Christmas, everybody!

homeschool Christmas poem

Homeschool Christmas Poem

Our Lifepac science lesson beckons, but I hear the call

Of snickerdoodles, lemon squares, and chocolate chips for all.

You need to learn Earth Science, son, and I would teach you well,

But Christmas is four days away, and cookies sure taste swell.

We have to fill your brain, indeed, and make you mighty smart,

But homeschool tummies also growl, and I still have a heart.

So lay your pencil down, my child, and lift a spoon instead,

And help me bake some cookies and some moist banana bread.

We’ll bake with friends and we will make some memories as well,

And when you’re old and gray you’ll have sweet stories, yours to tell.

Our homeschool’s here to train your brain but also feed your soul

So ditch the schoolwork, wash your hands, and help me scrape this bowl!

Homeschool Christmas poem by Sabrina

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Homeschool Christmas Poem

Sabrina Justison

20+ year homeschool mom and curriculum developer for 7SistersHomeschool.com. Fred's wife. Writing, drama, music, blogs, kids, shoes, coffee, & books in varying orders on various days. He is God, He is good & He loves me.

2 Replies to “A Homeschool Christmas Poem”

  1. 4 days before Christmas and all through Kym’s house
    There was baking -but at my house, OH, what a louse
    I was making Seth slave over algebra equations
    X’s and =’s, but the results were amazing.

    Good thing we have 3 days
    And a sister to boot
    Who will bake some great goodies
    And round up some loot.

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