7 Accessible Reading Resources for Teens Who Struggle

Need accessible reading resources for teens who struggle? Here are 7 great ideas:

7 Accessible Reading Resources for Teens Who Struggle

Accessible Reading Resources for Teens Who Struggle

Some homeschool high schoolers are simply not readers. Every book is a struggle. That’s ok- help them find their gifts elsewhere. However, they must have that reading list for their high school transcripts.

How do you find accessible resources for severely struggling readers so that they can get through classics and the large numbers of books that a valid high school English/Language Arts credit needs?

Here are some ideas:

1) One of my favorite series is Edcon’s Back to the Basics.

This is a series of six levels of readers. Each level contains about six workbooks. The workbooks contains a classic such as The Time Machine or Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Then each chapter has been condensed to one page, with read-for-information-and-comprehension illustrations and questions. At the end of each chapter are questions (some of which target inferential skills).

God's Smugglers Literature Study Guide
Click image for full description.

Start at Level 1 if you have a severely struggling reader.

2) Another terrific resource is Great Illustrated Classics series by Baronet Books.

These are hard cover books with Reader’s Digest style condensations of great books like King Arthur and War of the Worlds.

3) AGS Classics Series- Short Stories and Plays, from Pearson Education.

These are really condensed, but contain some good classics.

4) A really good idea is to listen to some audio versions of unabridged classics, non-fiction and other good books.

It is good for a student to listen to books above his/her reading level. (Do not do this for all the books, but it works great for a few each year.)

The Hobbit Literature Study Guide
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5) Books of the Bible

Find one of the contemporary versions you like, and encourage your student to have devotions daily.

6) Do literature guides to develop comprehension skills.

7Sisters’ literature study guides are there to help. Each study guide has instructions on how to earn a simple Average High School credit that will not be full of useless or incomprehensible busywork. Choose action-filled favorites like


7) Hold family read-alouds.

The Chronicles of Narnia Literature Guides
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You NEVER outgrow family read-alouds. Choose an important book for the family to read aloud. The entire family can enjoy The Chronicles of Narnia together. Your homeschool high schooler can make it high school material by completing the 7Sisters’ Literature Study Guides (Average High School Level instructions in the study guides).

8) Bonus resources:

Your homeschool high schoolers do not need to love reading. They do not even need to be deep, intuitive readers. God creates every teen with different gifts.

However, every teen will need to be able to read during their adulthood, so practicing at their level is important during high school. Try out a variety of resources. You will probably find several that actually work well for your homeschool high schoolers.

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Accessible Reading Resources for Teens Who Struggle

Note: This is not a sponsored post, we just like to share resource ideas with our friends!

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