Advantages of Being Bilingual for Homeschool High Schoolers, Interview with Karim Morato

The video post: Advantages of Being Bilingual for Homeschool High Schoolers, Interview with Karim Morato is also being shared on Spanish Educational Solutions’s YouTube Channel.

Advantages of Being Bilingual for Homeschool High Schoolers, Interview with Karim Morato

Advantages of Being Bilingual for Homeschool High Schoolers, Interview with Karim Morato

Our friend and 7Sisters Cousin Karim Morato joins Vicki for a discussion on the advantages of being well-versed in two languages. Karim and Vicki (along with the rest of the 7Sisters) became good buddies at our beloved 2:1 Conference years ago.

Karim, a native of Guatemala and married to a native of Bolivia, is homeschool mom of three. (Two have already graduated from homeschooling and are in college.) Before homeschooling Karim got her graduate degree in education and was a public school teacher. However, she and her family decided to homeschool and stuck are sticking with it all the way to her kids graduations.

Not only that, but Karim works in several ways to help the homeschoolers:

Karim’s mission in life is helping parents and students learning Spanish AND parents and students learning English. She wants both communities to enjoy success in homeschooling and richness of lifestyle as bilingual speakers.

The Spanish-speaking homeschool community today

It’s so exciting to see that our homeschooling world is expanding. One of the fastest growing homeschooling niches is our brothers and sisters in the hispanic communities.

Advantages for homeschoolers of being bilingual

There are advantages for speaking two languages, whether you are Spanish as a first language with English as a second language…or English as a first language and learning Spanish as a second language.

Homeschooling families where Spanish is their first language

In our current world, there are millions of Spanish speaking people. The US Census Bureau estimates that 41 million people speak Spanish as their first language. Like Karim, many of those people are first and second generation Americans who came here for a better life (just like most immigrants since the time of the Pilgrims).

Karim and HSLDA have been working with the Spanish speaking homeschool community to help them prepare their families for success. She conducts seminars for them and works with publishers to provide parents’ guides in Spanish. (Their children tend to use English speaking curriculum in preparation for college and workforce.)

Karim also works with third and fourth generation hispanic homeschooling families where English is the first language and Spanish is their second language. These families are excited to build their bilingual skills for community and career advantages. Karim, in her work with HSLDA, helps build to a community feel within all generations of the homeschooling community.

Homeschooling works well in the hispanic community because a cultural value is “family first”. That is a perfect situation for homeschooling!

Helping families with English as a first language become fluent in Spanish

For homeschooling families who would like their young people to become bilingually-skilled, here are some tips from Karim:

  • Look at Spanish, not as a subject, but as a human skill.
    • Learning a World Language is a life skill.
      • In our current job market, being bilingual is definitely an asset:
        • Boosts employability and sometime better pay
      • Knowing a second language helps teens be able to connect with people

Ways to help homeschool high schoolers build bilingual skills

Your teens can learn cultural intelligence- what is similar and different in a Spanish-speaking culture compared to their own regional American culture?

  • There is more to becoming bilingual than simply knowing words in Spanish (or any world language).
    • Try inviting multicultural teens or families for a “food event” where people share together their favorite foods.
  • Learn relevant words.
    • What do teens talk about?
    • If they travel to a part of the US where Spanish is more prevalent or internationally, what conversational skills will they need?

Homeschoolers of all flavors can have a richer, happier, more kingdom-of-God lifestyle by having cultural awareness. (For example, Vicki’s daughter learned basic American Sign Language in high school. In her first job as a server at a Christian conference center, a deaf family came for lunch. She was able to have a basic conversation with them in sign language. This made the family’s day…AND hers!)

If you would like to give your homeschool high schooler and younger homeschoolers some Spanish learning from native Spanish speakers, check out or Cousin Karim’s Homeschool Spanish program.

You can also contact Karim on Intagram at morato.kamim.

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