Advice for Making Adjustments to Your Homeschool Year

September rarely goes perfectly! Here is advice for making adjustments to your homeschool year.

Advice for Making Adjustments to Your Homeschool Year

Advice for Making Adjustments to Your Homeschool Year

When my kids were young and no one had graduated from homeschooling high school, I took planning seriously. I had my four-year goals, this year’s goals, and then the plan (including curriculum choices, co-op classes, etc). Each year, I was at least pretty much ready by September 1 (I really tried not to start before then).

And each year, by mid-September, I was finding that some things were not going to work. The new math curriculum was a poor fit for this teen, one co-op class was just NOT going to work for another. These things happen.

Has this happened to you? It’s not uncommon, in fact, it’s quite common to find that there are some things that we planned well, but did not know what we did not know.

SO how does a homeschool mom handle it when we need to make adjustments in our new homeschool year? We have a few ideas for you!

Advice for making adjustments to the new homeschool year

Work on flexibility

Years ago, Sabrina made this meme and we live by it. In fact, 7Sister Marilyn always said we never have to worry about being metaphorically “boxed in” with our homeschooling ideas…because we make our boxes out of pipe cleaners! (Thus, we can be as flexible as we need!)

When you homeschool high school, you are following what is best for your family at this time. You do not have to bend to pressures of “shoulds” or “musts”. (Except for the legal requirements, of course.)

SO be flexible! Do-over your curriculum. (Here’s a fun post on 50 Ways to Scrap Your Schoolbook.) So toss what does not work (unless you are working on self-discipline for your both).

Don’t forget, if you need no-busywork, adaptable to different levels, affordable curriculum that teens like: Check out 7Sisters ebookstore.

Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent too far out of shape

There’s not one right way to homeschool high school

That’s what we always say! Within a year, you might have to try several different schedules, textbooks, grading methods, courses. That’s okay. You are doing what is best for your teens.

When you need a little encouragement and support, you can often find it in local homeschool support groups. You can also find lots of support online. Join a Facebook group, such as:

Focus on learning skills

If you are new to homeschooling, you might find there are gaps in learning skills. Can your homeschool high schooler:

  • Manage time
  • Use a syllabus
  • Work on their own
  • Do good research for papers or for developing ideas
  • Know how to identify a good source of information
  • Write on their own
  • Edit papers
  • Use math and science skills

Old time homeschool moms may already know their teens’ academic strengths and weaknesses. If you prioritize these, it will help you and your teens.

Remember: All of life is education

Keep log sheets or in some way document the cool things your family does (travels, documentaries or plays on television, concerts- even if only on screen because things are still shut down with COVID).

These will look good in your records and may be used to create electives or level-up an appropriate credit to Honors.

Make good moments

  • As much as you are able, look for or create some good moments each day.
  • Have you and your teens laughed today? One way to get through adjustments or stressful moments is to find something to laugh about. It helps you body and soul. Remember: A merry heart does good like a medicine.
  • Allow time for some creativity. Creating things also helps us, body and soul.
  • Look for something beautiful. God gave us so many things to richly enjoy. Take a break and look outside. Find a lovely thing. It may sound cheesy but it will help develop gratitude.

A mom's mind plans her way but God directs her paths. Proverbs 16:9 (Homeschool Version)


Remember your goals

You can always tweak them as the need arises, but goals will also be a guiding force for your overall school year. Check them once in a while. Teach your teen SMART goals.

Remember Proverbs 16:9: A mom’s mind plans her way but God directs her paths. (Homeschool Version)

There are simply some things we can’t plan for. So when something arises that causes us to revamp our plans, remember, we may not like needing to change our plans, but we can trust God through the process.

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Advice for Making Adjustments to Your Homeschool Year

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