Afraid Your Homeschooler Won’t Get into College? Here Are 7 Helpful Tips!

Afraid your homeschooler won’t get into college? In my many years as academic advisor for our local homeschool high schoolers, I’ve often helped nervous homeschool moms deal with this fear.

Afraid Your Homeschooler Won't Get into College?

Afraid Your Homeschooler Won’t Get into College?

Afraid your homeschooler won’t get into college? Please don’t be. In my years as a homeschool academic advisor, I found that every single teen who wanted to go to college, went to college.

Here are 7 tips that we’ve learned along the way.

God has a plan for your homeschool high schoolers. It is better to follow his plan, allowing him to guide the way.

Write Proverbs 16:9 over your homeschool sofa (or classroom… or kitchen table): A mom’s mind plans her high schoolers’ way but the Lord directs their paths. (Vicki’s Version)

Your homeschool high schoolers do NOT need to get into the “BEST” colleges in order to be a success in life.

I’ve coached hundreds of local homeschool high schoolers over the years. Only a handful have willfully gone to an Ivy League school. The rest have attended Christian colleges, state colleges, community colleges, business schools, or received specialized training in the military or trades. And guess what? Those that have already graduated are employed in useful careers (doctors, lawyers, college professors, teachers, accountants, entrepreneurs, counselors, military and if chosen- various trades).

Follow sound guidelines for solid transcript sculpting. Try our 15 lesson self-paced course.  Here’s a compilation of some of our posts.

AND if your homeschool high schooler is feeling called to a top-tier college, in 9th grade find out what THAT college is looking for. If the college considers high SAT scores the entry point for acceptance- work HARD on that. Check to see if it is transcripts with SPARKLE, work hard on that. Most likely they will want both, you’ve got your job cut out for you, so make sure you and your teen keep healthy life balance.

Follow sound guidelines for solid transcript sculpting.

AND look at several local colleges and Christian colleges’ admission requirements. Attend a couple of open houses. Find out what they are looking for in incoming freshmen. Then work those things into your homeschool high school education.

Choose curriculum resources that help your teens stretch and SPARKLE at the appropriate levels. If colleges are looking for lots of honors courses, do that. Or if they are looking for more-than-the-box/out-of-the-box SPARKLE courses, do that. 7Sisters courses are level-able in fun and useful ways.

Our British Literature, World Literature, Psychology, History and Philosophy of the Western World, Financial Literacy, and Human Development are courses that our local homeschoolers have used for SPARKLE courses for years.  

Human Development


Most importantly trust God. Remember, God did not give you a spirit of fear, but of power to educate your homeschool high schoolers in HIS way, love from HIM for you and your family, and a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7, Vicki Version).

Afraid your homeschooler won’t get into college? You don’t need to be, but you do need to trust God and His ways- and work the system. Your homeschool high schoolers are going to be just fine!

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Afraid your homeschooler won't get into college? 7 Tips

Afraid Your Homeschooler Won’t Get into College?




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