Allison Thorp- the Quiet and Dependable Sister

Allison Thorp, 7SistersHomeschool.comAllison Thorp is our dependable sister!  She serves as an editor and curriculum developer, as well as anything else we ask her to do!

Allison homeschooled from 1993 until her youngest child graduated in 2011, three kids from starting line to finish!  All three children went on to earn bachelor’s degrees. Allison is married to Wayne, who recently retired after teaching elementary school for 35 years.  Together they are enjoying their first grandchild.  Allison’s B.A. from the University of Delaware is in Art History.  Allison has enjoyed teaching MLA research paper, art history, and music history to local homeschool high schoolers,

One of Allison Thorp’s greatest gifts (and a gift to us all) is planning and coordinating large celebrations for her homeschool and church communities. In fact, if you want to know how to plan a terrific graduation ceremony, check out these posts with her ideas:

In times of grief, Allison has taught us all that bringing food can help provide the feeling of nurture. If you know a grieving family, Allison can tell you exactly how to help them with nurturing food.

Keep an eye on those shy ones like Allison Thorp…who knows how much they will accomplish!

Allison Thorp