Alternative Way to get High School Credit for Government

Guest post from our Cousin Sue Sobczak: Alternative Way to get High School Credit for Government.

Alternative Way to get High School Credit for Government

Alternative Way to get High School Credit for Government

Most of our 7th Siblings know about our Cousins, right? BTW- there are six of us 7Sisters: Sabrina, Vicki, Kym, Marilyn, Allison and Sara…so WHO is the 7th Sister (or 7th Sibling)? YOU are!

Our Cousins are special friends who join us to share their homeschooling expertise and stuff-we-like resources. One of our Cousins is Sue Sobczak. Because they are a military family, Sue has homeschooled all six of her kids all over the world. In fact, Sue herself served twenty years in the Army before retiring from the military (which included a combat tour during Operation Desert Storm).

Sue is now an International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach and has the honor of helping coach homeschool parents, along with her other life coachees. Check out her Facebook page:

Here’s Sue’s story of her oldest two sons earning their government credit for their homeschool transcripts.

Years ago, and I mean ELEVEN years ago, my oldest finished his sophomore year of high school and my second oldest was two years behind.  I was loosely following the public school requirements to chose classes for my oldest…because he is my oldest and I tested most things on him and I wondered if he would get into college if he did not have certain classes.  I know now that, YES, he could get into college if he didn’t have certain classes that public schools mandate.

iGovern opportunity

One class that the public school kids took was a government class and that sounded like something he should learn about. Then I came across the iGovern camp that HSLDA advertised. We were living in Texas at the time and the Western Camp was in Colorado which was only a car drive away. And my next oldest was old enough to attend too!

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The camp was a week long and there was pre-work that the students were required to complete and submit in advance.  When I counted up the hours for both the camp and the pre-work, I decided it met the criteria for earning a half credit for a high school course. Of course, there are other ways to determine high school transcript credits, but I used that method.

The next portion that I am about to write is one of my favorite homeschool high school stories!

One of the requirements for iGovern that students had to complete in advance was to read the Constitution and write a federal bill. I happen to have a local friend who was a practicing lawyer and had retired from the Army as a lawyer. I knew that he had been an instructor at the United States Military Academy at West Point so I figured he likely had expert knowledge regarding the Constitution and maybe he would also like to teach a little again.

So, I called him.

I asked if he would be willing to help the boys prepare their bills for the government camp and provide feedback. I asked if he had much interest or background in something like that and if he would consider helping my boys.

And get this!

He said he TAUGHT Constitutional Law at West Point! He taught this stuff!!! And he was eager to help my  boys!! Man, did he make them work!  And he was so passionate about it.

He told them, “All bills must have constitutional authority and must source that authority in the bill.” When he critiqued their draft of their bill, he said that they needed to “provide the ‘constitutional authority’ that allows Congress to pass this type of bill to fix the problem. Remember, we discussed in my office the ‘commerce clause’ and the ‘necessary and proper clause’.”  

He had them coming to his office often until they completed the bill to his satisfaction. We lived on a military installation, and they could ride their bikes to his office. What a blessing he was!

Then, they attended the government camp for a week.

At the camp, they:

  • debated legislation
  • formed alliances
  • learned about leadership
  • developed an understanding of Congress by role playing
  • and had hands-on experience with what it’s like to participate in the government process.

This camp still exists though HSLDA, although it’s changed a bit since my boys attended. It’s now called iGovern East. Here is a link with more information Generation Joshua.

HSLDA also offers the iGovern Statecraft which covers politics on an international stage. You can find out more at the same link that I gave for the iGovern East camp.

Sue Sobczak 

Sue Sobczak Coaching

International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach


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