Are You on Track with Your Homeschool? Here are 5 Checkpoints

Are you on track with your homeschool? Are you covering enough? Are you handling your homeschoolers’ education in the best way? Here are 5 checkpoints to help:

Are You on Track with Your Homeschool?

Are You on Track with Your Homeschool?

We homeschool moms tend to take our responsibilities VERY seriously! And well we should. We are educating the next generation of God’s children! So how do YOU know: are you on track with your homeschool?

Here are 5 checkpoints to help you feel more confident that you are doing enough for your homeschoolers and doing it in the best format.

What did God say? Many of us homeschoolers believe our faith is an inseparable part of our homeschool education. How are you giving your homeschoolers a chance to grow spiritually? Are you leading them to know Scripture and prayer? Are they involved in living the faith (service, godly friendships, Christian community)?  

Are You on Track with Your Homeschool? What are your homeschoolers’ strengths?

By the time your children reach kindergarten, you know a few of their strengths. By the time they reach high school, they themselves should be exploring, discovering, and defining their strengths. God gave strengths to everyone in order to advance his kingdom and fulfill his plans for each person.

Are You on Track with Your Homeschool? What are your homeschoolers’ learning styles?

Do they learn best by moving and making? By listening? By reading? By talking things out? You will know their styles by noticing the times that learning brought them delight, or times they talked about the lesson later, or wanted to do more study on their own time. Cover as many subjects in these happy learning styles as possible. Even homeschool high schoolers can cover subjects in various learning styles to fit their needs.

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Are You on Track with Your Homeschool? How do you want to help shape your homeschoolers’ character?

Do you feel led to help your homeschoolers’ social skills, service mindedness, critical thinking abilities, fruit of the spirit, comfort with speaking in front of others, creativity, adventurousness, studiousness? All these are good character qualities that must actually be worked on in order to grow. Make character development a part of your educational plans for the year- just as much as you would their core subjects. Homeschool high schoolers can incorporate character development components into electives, core subjects, and extracurriculars for their transcripts.

Are You on Track with Your Homeschool? What are the state regulations?

As much as us homeschool moms might resent it, we do have some state laws to submit to. One good way to look at it is: We can tell our homeschoolers, “It’s not MY fault you have to do your math, the state says you must do it!”

Basically, if you keep an eye on these checkpoints, you’ll be on track with your homeschool.

Keep praying and enjoy homeschooling this year!

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Are You on Track with Your Homeschool?

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