Average Kids: Above Average in God’s Eyes!

Sometimes we homeschoolers can get a little competitive: “MY kid was reading when he was 4!”, “How lovely, MY kids completed algebra in 5th grade!”

Ever heard that conversation?

Average Kids - ABOVE average in God's eyes!

Average Kids

The truth is that MOST homeschoolers are normal, average kids. They won’t go to Harvard, they score in the 50th-78th percentile on achievement tests. They perform well-enough in their 3Rs.

And guess what? God created them beautiful in His eyes. He gave each child just the right IQ and just the right other talents to accomplish HIS goals for each of them.

God doesn’t need millions of homeschool Einsteins. He needs just a few of them. He need LOTS of future missionaries, artists, nurses, teachers, plumbers, soldiers, entrepreneurs, and counselors. Our homeschoolers don’t need to go to Yale for that, they don’t have to be top of the pyramid!

What they do need is to:

Search for and discover the giftings God has placed in.
Each of our children is fearfully and wonderfully made. Since that is so, then it is an honor to God to help them find the special blessings that He has created in each child. (You can start your homeschool high schooler with a FREE look at the
role models God has placed in his life as guides.)

Learn to cope with any weak area by developing  perseverance in character, specific skills that might help (such as organizational skills for homeschoolers with ADHD),  and not wasting time doing overly high-leveled curriculum in their weak areas.
I have some helpful pins from some wonderful folks at my Homeschool Special Needs Pinterest board. Also all our literature and writing guides, AND psychology, human development, and philosophy have instructions on how to “level” the learning activities- from average learners to honors activities. AND no time-wasting busywork.

Introductory Guide to High School Writing including essays, short stories, research and poetry with no busywork.

Compensate by really leaning into their interests and gifts. Specialize in those areas- create projects, field trips, read books, watch educational dvds.

Check out my Homeschool Career Exploration Pinterest board for LOTs of activities to help explore, then have some fun!
Strive to glorify God by understanding and appreciating themselves and others.

Can your child tell you how he was fearfully and wonderfully made? Can she explain God’s love for others? Visit tomorrow for more…

Your average kid: ABOVE average in God’s eyes!

Our friend, Connie, has a lovely post with more thoughts on this at thedaisyhead.com: Homeschool Extremes.

Average Kids

Vicki Tillman

Blogger, curriculum developer at 7SistersHomeschool.com, counselor, life and career coach, SYMBIS guide, speaker, prayer person. 20+year veteran homeschool mom.

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  1. Amen!! I am trying to teach my kids (and myself) to not compare to others, but look inward and be their best self.

    Many blessing to you! Thanks for this post!! xo

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