Sabrina Justison Bio

Sabrina is a speaker, writer, playwright, and singer who has taught Fine Arts as well as Literature, Writing, and Latin at her local homeschooling-day-school. She has created more than 15 Drama Camp two-week-intensives and is a wordsmith who enjoys helping people articulate and understand the vision and mission of an individual or an organization. She also serves as an associate pastor at LifePath Church and is devoted to Prison Care.

Sabrina began homeschooling in 1995. After she and her children walked through the difficulties of divorce, she was blessed to meet and marry Fred, and their blended family has 7 now-grown children and 5 grandchildren. She seems to have the gift of resilience; hard stuff happens, but God can be trusted. Download her media kit for speaking information here.

Sabrina also presents on homeschooling or other topics together with Vicki. Contact Sabrina for more information.