Vicki Tillman- the Advisor of 7Sisters

Vicki Tillman is the Advisor of 7Sisters. As a speaker, podcaster, blogger, curriculum developer, counselor and life/career coach, Vicki shares her expertise in homeschooling, prayer, healthy life and career topics, and mental health topics through her coaching at Vicki Tillman Coaching. posts at 7 Sisters, Pike Creek Psychological Center, and  Vicki Talks Prayer. 

Vicki served as advisor to her local homeschool community and her own kids for 20-plus years. Now all five of her children graduated from homeschool high school and have completed various degrees at college and graduate levels. Hundreds of her local homeschool high school advisees have gone on to fruitful adulthoods with career, college, military or ministry positions.

Vicki (with Sabrina and Kym) on Homeschool Highschool Podcast each week for loads of advice and practical tips for homeschooling high school. We have lots of information and lots of fun!

Vicki’s 7Sisters curriculum contributions include:

Need a speaker on homeschooling, emotional/spiritual self-care, career exploration or mindfulness? Contact Vicki for availability.

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Vicki Tillman’s mission is to advance God’s kingdom by investing in people. She has lived this call as homeschool mom, advisor to the upperclassmen in her local homeschool community for 18 years and as a homeschool coach.

Vicki holds an MA in Counseling from Liberty University, and has worked as a counselor and life/career coach at Pike Creek Psychological Center since 1996.