Career Exploration Course Description

By request: Career Exploration Course Description.

Career Exploration Course Description

Career Exploration Course Description

Career Exploration is an important course for homeschool high schoolers. Whether teens are in ninth grade and just starting to think about their homeschool adventures and life after graduation, or if they are seniors scrambling to figure out what’s next, an encouraging Career Exploration course helps.

For teens who don’t have a clue about what they want to after graduation, Career Exploration helps them:

  • Understand themselves better
  • Non-judgmentally evaluate their skills, talents and experiences
  • Gently experiment with some ideas for careers

For teens who confidently know what they want to do after graduation, Career Exploration helps them:

  • Build self-awareness
  • Develop skills for next steps towards their career while still in high school

That’s why 7Sisters offers Career Exploration curriculum. I found many years ago, that my homeschool high schoolers did not have access to a Career Exploration geared for Christian teens (and one that did not overwork them). So I created our Career Exploration based on the work I do as a counselor and career coach.

Also, check out this discussion about Career Exploration for non-college-bound teens.

Many homeschool moms like to have two teaching aids for Career Exploration:

We received requests for a course description for Career Exploration. Here is one that you may adjust to your needs.

Course Description for Career Exploration

Text used for course:

Career Exploration textbook from 7SistersHomeschool

Course Goals:

  • At the completion of this course, the student will be able to demonstrate a basic knowledge of Career Exploration and careers that may be best-fit for him/her. Also, student will be apply this knowledge towards finding an apprenticeship or other introductory job skills.

Course Objectives:

  • Student will use syllabus, workbooks and reading material to fulfill their Career Exploration studies.
  • Student will engage in hands-on job-hunting skill development and look for a next-step, such as apprenticeships.

Topics covered:

Methods used for instruction:

  • Workbooks, reading materials
  • Apprenticeships

How the course will be graded:

Career Exploration is graded at the discretion of the teacher. You can choose a pass/fail grading system or assign grades. For those assigning grades, you can adapt our grading:

  • 50% of grade from completed workbooks
  • 25% of grade from class participation and/or apprenticeships
  • 25% of grade from attitude (willingness to try new things)

Amount of credit earned:

Career Exploration is an elective credit earned varies by student and teacher goals. See the syllabus above for whether the student wants one-quarter credit, half-credit or full credit.

Include the syllabus for the courses that you will be using a syllabus


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