Career Exploration for Homeschool High School- 6 Ways to Find Your Life’s Purpose

Want some easy ways to create some great experiences for Career Exploration for homeschool high school? Here are 5 ways to help find their life’s purposes.

Career Exploration for Homeschool High School

Career Exploration for Homeschool High School

Homeschool high schoolers feel better when they feel like they are here on earth for a purpose.

Having purpose in life does not solve all of life’s problems, but when teens have purpose, the problems feel less important. When they understand their purposes, it is easier to choose college majors and high school courses and extracurriculars.

Besides, it just feels better to have purpose.

So here are six steps to help your homeschool high schoolers find their purposes:

1) Don’t just stand there, do something.  Teens don’t find purpose by sitting still and thinking. They find it by getting busy.

Human Development

2) Do something new and out of the box. Start trying on hats. Have teens do things you have never done before. It doesn’t need to be something they know that they like to do, just something they’ve never done. Visit a state park, go to a play, volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. Or take a course that is completely different than any topic they’ve studied before. Think unusual courses like Human Development or Speech.

3) Do something frequently. As your teens try new things and study new topics, they will find something or read something you like so well, they will repeat it voluntarily. Their purposes will begin to be clearer in those things.

4) Learn about yourself as you try new things. Some things will be awesome. Some will be awful. Note which is which. They are all pointing your homeschool high schoolers TOWARD purpose or telling them to TRY SOMETHING ELSE.

5) Don’t worry. Teens won’t be judged on the “importance” of their purpose. Their purpose is their purpose. It might be volunteering at an animal shelter or nursing home, helping a local community organization or fighting world hunger. What matters is that they have found something that matters to them and to God.

6) Complete a comprehensive Career Exploration course. In my work as a homeschool advisor, mental health counselor, and career coach I’ve seen first hand the good that an actual Career Exploration course can do for teens. Working through an actual curriculum forces homeschool high schoolers to humbly notice what God has done already and where he might be taking them. It often helps clarify gifts and goals.


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Career Exploration for Homeschool High School

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