Career Exploration in High School

What are the keys to effective Career Exploration in High School?

Career Exploration High School

Career Exploration in High School


Being intentional.

Don’t expect that teens will magically stumble upon a career. Use a good curriculum like our

Career Exploration textbook

This Career Exploration High School textbook will not answer all your questions!  Only God can do that.  But, you can use this book to open your heart to what He’s telling you about your gifts, callings, and His idea about your future.Encouraging your teen to learn about himself.

Tools like Jungian Personality Test and its Kiersey Report ,  Strengthsfinder 2.0. and can help.

Building on strengths and talents.

Explore ways to include talents in a future career. Being gifted musically doesn’t necessarily mean your child will make her living as a professional songwriter, but there are MANY careers in which musical talent is helpful.

Respecting weaknesses and “Eewww!” reactions.

It’s okay to dislike something and decide that a career that involves a lot of that activity is not worth exploring.

Trying things out in a low-expectation way.

Volunteering for a few hours one day is a smarter starting point than making a 3 month commitment to an unfamiliar arena.

Talking to God about it.

He knows our children better than we do. He knows our children better than THEY do! Prayerfully ask Him to direct your career exploration in high school. You’ll be amazed at the ideas He will give you and your teen!

Career Exploration might just be the most important element of your teen’s high school experience.

Is Career Exploration a valuable high school credit? Click here for more information.

Read this interview with Samantha Shanks about how exploring her interests in high school started her on the road to entrepreneurship.

Click here to read the U. S. Department of Labor’s recommendations for career exploration.

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Career Exploration in High School

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2 Replies to “Career Exploration in High School”

  1. The Career Exploration Workbook, if completed thoughtfully, will usually count as 1/4 credit (I suggest including the FREE questionaire as part of the 1/4 credit, too).

    The Early Childhood Education text is a 1/2 credit course.

    Both Career Exploration and Early Childhood Education are considered Career Pathways electives by our homeschool umbrella school. They are also courses that give teens excellent life preparation experiences.

  2. Career Exploration: Could this be used as a high school elective? Is there enough work to qualify for a semester?


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