Careers in Psychology for Homeschool High Schoolers

Some teens are thinking hard about the future, so can we suggest: careers in psychology for homeschool high schoolers.

Careers in Psychology for Homeschool High Schoolers

Careers in Psychology for Homeschool High Schoolers

One of the hats I wear, besides having homeschooled my kids and been a local homeschool high school advisor, is counseling. I have served my local community as a licensed professional counselor for over twenty-five years, so this topic is dear to me.

Many of our communities across America are experiencing shortages of mental health professionals. I have been praying for years that more teens will consider going into this rewarding field. My I suggest careers in Psychology for homeschool high schoolers?

Our homeschoolers often have a heart to serve and have learned compassion skills at home, at church and/or in volunteer organizations. These are the basic skills in Psychology.

Perhaps your teens would consider taking a Psychology credit (such as 7Sisters’ popular Introduction to Psychology) and Human Development (yes, 7Sisters has that, too). For inspiration, here is a look at possible career choices. Psych is a field that is constantly changing, so there are some careers I might have missed- what would you add? (BTW- when your teens work on a Psychology credit, add some activities for enrichment to the calendar. It will help them like psych!)

Click here for an excerpt from Introduction to Psychology.

Introduction to Psychology
Click image for full description.

Careers in Psychology for Homeschool High Schoolers

The links included here are for career descriptions in, the US government’s job description site. It provides job descriptions, occupational outlook, salary information, training information and often, interviews.

  • Experimental or Research Psychologist, Psychometry
    • Does research on psychological health, theory or practice. These jobs are usually a part of a psychology professor’s work at research universities

Is your teen called to a career in Psychology? There is great need!

  • Educational Psychologist
    • See School Psychologist. (Educational psychologists also conduct research at research universities or work in the government in policy making positions.) 

      Human Development 7SistersHomeschool
      Click image for full description.
  • Counselor- Masters Level Mental Health Professional Counseling
    • Does the same work as a psychologist but has a Masters Degree in Counseling instead of a PhD in Psychology
  • Marriage and Family Counselor
    • Works with couples or families for cognitive and behavioral health
  • Addictions Counselor
  • See Addictions Social Worker (Does the same work)
  • Non-professional Counseling Careers

If you are interested in a career in psychology, it is good to explore options. Ask these (and other) questions:

If your teens have not had a chance to do any career exploration yet, I suggest starting with 7Sisters’ Career Exploration Bundle to get an overall view of God’s plans along their personalities, talents, experiences, skills, and values. This helps them get off to a good start…any maybe some will end up with a career in Psychology!


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Careers in Psychology for Homeschool High Schoolers

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