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The power of the written word – Reading and Writing for a strong High School Language Arts credit!

Homeschool Writing Help

When Your Homeschool Student Needs Writing Help

It’s no secret that developing good writing skills is important. Many students struggle with writing because they start the process with pencil and paper. Homeschool Writing Help Wait a minute! Isn’t that where writing HAS to start? Writing only starts with the blank page for people who are natural writers…you know, the ones who just…

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Research Papers for Reluctant Teens

Help for the Reluctant Writer homeschool

A Research Paper Writing Guide for the Reluctant, Remedial, Can’t-Do-It Teen Help for the Reluctant Writer Homeschool Sometimes young homeschool high schoolers freak out over the “R” word. They insist they CAN’T do a research paper! This may be because: their self-confidence is low they are inexperienced they are disorganized they are simply reluctant writers…

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5 Ways to Make Creative Writing Less Intimidating

5 Ways to Make Creative Writing Less Intimidating

Creative writing can be intimidating! Don’t despair! You can give your homeschooling high schoolers some easy ways for making the process less scary and more FUN! Creative Writing Ways to Make Less Intimidating 1. Teens often feel less intimidated if creative writing is done on computer rather than with paper and pencil. Why is that?…

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Help your teen find Creative Writing Success - the key to excellent composition skills!

Creative Writing Success: The Best-Kept Secret of Composition

Creative writing success is the best-kept secret of good composition! My homeschooling high schoolers were all good writers throughout high school because they were exposed to good skills that equipped them for creative writing success. The 4 that have graduated from college relied heavily on their excellent creative thinking for successful college-paper writing. Creative Writing…

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Teen terrified of writing? Don't Panic!

Don’t Panic! Homeschool Language Arts – Creative Writing

One component of Homeschool Language Arts – Creative Writing. Homeschool Language Arts – Creative Writing Does the blank page (or blank screen) inspire your homeschool high schoolers? or TERRIFY them? The easily inspired are easy to work with, of course, you just give them an assignment or idea and they run with it. The terrified…

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Homeschool Language Arts - Reading for More than Comprehension

Homeschool Language Arts – Reading for More than Comprehension

Homeschool Language Arts – Reading for More than Comprehension Homeschool Language Arts – Reading for More than Comprehension Our Literature Study Guides in Ebook format to accompany The Chronicles of Narnia…for HIGH SCHOOLERS C.S. Lewis’ delightful Narnia is not just for kids! Homeschooling high schoolers should revisit these great books in order to study the…

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Journalism and Literature Make journalism part of your homeschool high school Literature program.

Journalism and Literature

Literary journalism is one type of writing our teens should be reading.  I never gave this one a lot of thought until this year, but it’s a great genre that can really get high school homeschoolers interested in their assignments. Journalism and Literature A loose definition of literary journalism is this: Creatively written accounts of…

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