Character-Developing Literature Course: Great Christian Writers


If you’re looking for a character-developing literature course, Great Christian Writers is what you need!

Character-Developing Literature Course

Character-Developing Literature Course: Great Christian Writers

We all know that character development is better caught than taught. One way to make character development catchable is to provide your homeschool high schoolers role models in book form through biographies, stories and ideas.

Like one of our local homeschool high schoolers’ favorite group classes, Great Christian Writers is a wonderful collection of inspirational literature study guides that can have a life-changing impact on your teens.

Teens get a taste of living a life of sacrifice, courage, and faith in: The Hiding Place (the story of Corrie ten Boom), God’s Smuggler (the story of Brother Andrew), and Joni (the story of Joni Eareckson Tada), and Something Beautiful for God (the story of Mother Teresa).

God's Smugglers Literature Study Guide

They try on different ways to deep thinking and become more congruent with their own faith in: Pilgrim’s Progress (John Bunyan’s classic), The Practice of the Presence of God (Brother Lawrence).

They experience the power of repentance and humility in Born Again (the story of Watergate’s Chuck Colson) while they have a powerful yet amusing look at how to be savvy of the wiles of the devil in Screwtape Letters.

Lastly they get a taste of the character developing power of some beautiful old hymns and creeds. (This is not a theology course at all, though.)

Joni an unforgettable story

This no busywork, 113-page one-year study guide collection will provide your homeschool high schooler with a college-prep level Great Christian Writers high school course. It can also be adapted to honors level using the easy-to-follow suggestions in the “how to use this curriculum” introductory material.

Great Christian Writers comes complete with study guides for nine books, each including background information, vocabulary, supplemental ideas, and answer keys. This book includes study guides written by Sabrina Justison.

Great Christian Writers High School titles covered by these study guides include:

Download Great Christian Writers for your homeschool high schooler today!

Character-Developing Literature Course: Great Christian Writers

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2 Replies to “Character-Developing Literature Course: Great Christian Writers”

  1. Good question, Lauren. Adding GCW to Notgrass geography would definitely get you honors level. For English/Language Arts credits, different folks handle it in different ways. Based on the standards in our area and the needs of teens applying to college, we include Lit and Writing together in eacg ELA credit. However, in our opinion, the books they are reading for other classes and lit guides/books along with their writing courses and other assignments should work toward ELA credit. Here’s a post that might help:

  2. We are using Notgrass geography which includes 12 literature books and assignments. If we add this study guide with the additional nine books, would that make it an honors class? Also, I see the guideline for reading 22 books and writing papers to accompany that- is this separate writing strictly for a lit credit? Or is the writing needed to call it a language arts credits? I ask because we are using EIW for writing.

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