How to Choose the Best Electives for High School Homeschool

Core subjects are important for the transcript, but just as important are ELECTIVES: How do you choose the best electives for high school homeschool?

How to Choose the Best Electives for Homeschool High School

How to Choose the Best Electives for High School Homeschool

Core courses (Language Arts, Maths, Sciences, Social Studies, World Languages) are necessary for college admission. However, it is ELECTIVES that tell a discerning college admission officer who your homeschool high schooler truly is. Electives give a transcript SPARKLE and a competitive edge.

How do you choose the best electives for high school homeschool?

  • Allow your homeschool high schoolers to have input- Ask your teen: What would you like to learn about? Where would you like to invest your academic energy? Choose some electives based on his/her input.
  • Find out what local colleges want to see on the transcript- Are they looking for extra Social Sciences like Psychology? Are they looking for evidence of thinking ability in a Philosophy course? Do they want more creativity in music, art, or drama? (You can find this on their website or even better, in an interview with admissions officers on open house days.) Include one of these courses each year, if possible.
  • Develop your teens’ gifts, talents, and interests- These courses might turn into a college major or a networking or mentoring opportunity. Besides, teens need to learn to be good stewards of their God-given gifts. Career Exploration is a good way to do that.
  • Explore topics new topics and new civilizations (expand your teens’ experiences)- These courses might help your teen discover his/her college major. Do NEW things! For instance, many teens haven’t written poetry or short stories. Think about a semester of each for a separate Creative Writing credit. OR expand geography to include missionary studies.
  • Show variety- Choose some out of the box courses just for richness. Early Childhood Education is good for this, as are specialty studies like Art History, Equine Science, extra team sports beyond graduation requirements. 

    Early Childhood education
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  • Show depth- For teens going into the Sciences, take extra courses. A musically gifted teen should take electives in choir, voice, an instrument, and music theory. My son whose major is music showed choirs, voice, guitar, piano, theory, history of church music, praise band, and recording skills credits over his 4 years of high school.
  • Have some fun! Don’t be afraid of high school. Do be intentional about electives. 

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Choose the Best Electives for High School Homeschool

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