Christmas Homeschooling Unit Studies and Ideas

It’s the season for Christmas homeschooling unit studies and ideas.

Christmas Homeschooling Unit Studies and Ideas

Christmas Homeschooling Unit Studies and Ideas

It’s that most wonderful time of the year- made all the more wonderful because we are homeschooling. And homeschooling during the holidays can be meaningful and fun. In this post we want to share lots of holiday homeschooling ideas for the whole family.

First of all, don’t forget that there’s not ONE right way to homeschool and there’s not ONE right way to homeschool during the holiday season. In fact, what works one year, might not be the best fit the next. I know that in my family, how we handled homeschooling during the holidays varied year by year. Some years we:

  • Followed our usual syllabi or lessons until around December 15
  • Other years we did the same but added some Christmas read aloud and special unit studies
  • Some years we weaned down on most core subjects except Math and English/Language Arts
  • Then we did special unit studies that could count as elective Social Studies, Science and Fine Arts
  • At the same time, some of my friends took the whole month of December off and just did fun, holiday-related unit studies, field trips, art, and music.

So, we would like some favorite Christmas homeschooling unit studies and ideas!

Star of Bethlehem – A Good Answers Apologetics Presentation
Click image for full description.

Easy Christmas-themed Apologetics presentations for teens

These are free Apologetics presentations from Good Answers Ministries (their gift to teens to help grow their faith during the holidays).

Fine Arts ideas for the Holidays

There are so many ways to log some Christmas-time Fine Arts hours.

A play for co-op or homeschool group to put on

The Christmas Carol War is a delightful play with some good lessons. Co-ops have enjoyed this one.

Making arts and crafts gifts

Enjoy this post from our Cousin Betsy Sproger: Gift Guide for Young Artists. Help your kids and teens invest in their crafting skills and make some good gifts.

Create digital gifts

Our friends at FundaFunda Academy share a post on how to create digital gifts for Christmas.

Music of Christmas online course

Music in our Homeschool has a fabulous Music of Christmas course- simple for musical novices.

Fun Christmas read-alouds for the family

For more favorite Christmas stories, check out this post.

Favorite Christmas Movies for high school literature projects

A Christmas Carol Cinema Study Guide
Click image for full description.

7Sisters Cinema Studies for Literature Learning is popular with homeschool high schoolers. They especially love a Christmas movie. Check out A Christmas Carol Cinema Study for Literature Learning Guide.

Unit Studies based on favorite holiday movies

Unit studies based on movies are so much fun. Here are some unit studies that will cover:

  • Literature
  • Writing
  • Social Studies
  • Geography
  • And more

Check out these posts

Christmas unit studies based on Geography

Our Cousin Sarah May has LOTS of Christmas unit studies based on World Geography. These are free Christmas unit studies!

Favorite books and literature unit studies for elementary schoolers

Here are a couple of our popular Christmas elementary literature activity guides:

Literature Activity Guide for The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey
Click image for full description.

Here are 20 must-read Christmas books for kids from our Cousin Sarah May.

And even MORE unit studies for the whole family

Cousin Sarah May has a HUGE post with lots of December unit studies.

Holiday reading that teens tell us that they liked

We asked homeschool graduates, friends and family about favorite Christmas themed books and short stories that teens like. There are SO many. However, we pulled together a list of favorite Christmas books for teens in this post.

Special holiday writing projects for teens

The holiday season is a wonderful time to do some special writing assignments- the kind that will be meaningful and delightful. Check out this post with ideas for inspiring Christmas projects for homeschool high school.

Work on a Life Skills elective over the holidays

As we homeschooling families know, ALL of life is education. Why not log some hours towards a Life Skills elective by having teens work on (and record):

  • Budgeting, finances
  • Social skills for the holiday gatherings
  • Event planning
  • Cooking
  • Crafting
  • Decorating
  • Deep housecleaning

Check out how to count Christmas preparation toward a life skills credit.

Big unit study for the whole family: Twas the Week Before Christmas Unit Study

This is a huge unit study with a week’s worth of delightful and inspiring activities that we have loved (not just for teens but the all the siblings) in the Twas the Week Before Christmas Bundle.

Twas the week before Christmas homeschool curriculum bundle
Click image for full description.

This bundle of downloadable curriculum, links and activities includes:


AND… Encouragement for MOM as the calendar year draws to a close!

  • Christmas with 7Sisters: Real Christmas for Real People (including personal stories from your “big sisters” and tips for handling the holidays when things are harder than usual…after the death of a loved one, when finances are especially tight, when your family is broken or blended, etc.)
  • Making Great Use of Holiday Family Gatherings in Your Homeschool (a 3-page article to help you blend learning and celebration)
  • A collection of favorite Christmas recipes from each of us at 7Sisters
  • A Prayer Journal to encourage you to spend the time you NEED with God as a new year is about to begin

Encouragement for homeschool moms

Sometimes homeschool moms can feel a little bit harried during the holiday season. How about taking a few minutes and invest in yourself by reading these posts:

These are good places to start! What would you add? Happy Holidays!


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