How to Teach The Chronicles of Narnia for High School Co-op

Chronicles of Narnia for High School Co-op

How to Teach The Chronicles of Narnia in High School Co-op

Chronicles of Narnia for High School Co-op

The Chronicles of Narnia Literature Guides

One of my favorite homeschool high school co-op classes is The Chronicles of Narnia. In our homeschool co-op and group classes we have taught Narnia every few years and had a blast. Here is what we do:

1) Use 7SistersHomeschool Literature Study Guides. These cover vocabulary, Lewis’ writing techniques, theology, philosophy and character development in a no busywork format. Teens in the class can adapt the level credit they earn from College Prep to Honors with the guidelines in the guides.

2) I often take 15 weeks to do the course. Create a syllabus that has the teens reading 1/2 of one book each week for 14 weeks.

3) In class, discuss the book so far. Discuss one of the ideas in the book (beginning information in each study guide). I often take a “Think about it” or “Use your imagination” question from the workbooks and use that as a discussion topic in class.

4) Each class, I show a video from YouTube of Lewis’ life, WWII in England, or a theme from one of the books. There are some fun recordings of Lewis’ voice at Into the Wardrobe.

5) The last week can be a Narnia party or project presentations or both. The students prepare food mentioned in the books. Then we would either eat and watch a Narnia movie (and laugh at the liberties taken by the producers) or teams of students would pick some theme from one of the books and create a short presentation (prepared ahead of time, of course), such as:

  • WWII in London
  • Illustration of Plato’s cave story
  • Greek mythical creatures
  • Giants in English lore
  • Medieval fashion vs styles of the 1940’s

6) Often, our students would also make the most of Lewis’ inspiration and creativity by writing their own myth-fantasy story (just 5 pages, not intimidating) using 7Sisters Myth-Fantasy Short Story Writing Guide. When we do this, we stretch the 5-week guide to 10-weeks so the teens have time to really enjoy it.

Chronicles of Narnia for High School Co-op

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