Get Ready for Homeschool Coaching Questionnaire

Get Ready for Homeschool Coaching!

Copy this and answer the questions as you please.

Then send this questionnaire back to us at  Someone will get in touch with you to schedule your Homeschool Coaching sessions or begin email coaching.



 Homeschool Coaching from via Skype or email

Please answer any of these that you feel might help your coach to be better prepared for the time spent with you.


  1. What’s your name? (If you don’t get this one right, we can’t help you!)

  2. Do you homeschool full-time or are you juggling other employment?

  3. What are the ages and grades of your children?

  4. Which of your children are you homeschooling?

  5. How would your describe where you live? (Rural, suburban, urban, etc.)

  6. How long have you been homeschooling?

  7. If any of your children were in a traditional school setting, what was the primary reason you started homeschooling them?

  8. Are there any unique adventures in your homeschool? (husband in the military or on shift work, missionary family, child with disabilities, caring for an aging loved one, etc.)

  9. Who is responsible on a daily basis for overseeing the bulk of your homeschooling activities?

  10. Do you suspect (or know) that any of your children have special needs?

  11. Which style best describes your approach to homeschooling? (traditional curriculum, Charlotte Mason, Classical, co-op, 1- or 2-day school, eclectic, etc)

  12. What are some things you like about your educational approach?

  13. What are some things you are unsatisfied with in your educational approach?

  14. If you are married, how supportive is your husband about homeschooling?

  15. In general, how does your extended family feel about you homeschooling your children?

  16. Is there an active homeschooling community in your area?

  17. Are you involved with the group?

  18. If there is a homeschooling community in your area, what kinds of activities/classes does it offer?

  19. Are you involved in any online discussion groups or communities?



I am interested in coaching because:




Any other comments?




Thanks for answering. We will contact you soon!