College Options After Homeschool for Average Teens

College options after homeschool for average teens…Here’s a thought: Every homeschooling high schooler has gifts but not everyone’s gift is high powered academics. Often, homeschoolers have “other” gifts. Sometimes moms of “average” teens sometimes feel guilty because their kid isn’t headed to Harvard or isn’t graduating college at 17.

College Options for Average Homeschoolers

College Options After Homeschool

I usually ask these stressed moms:
“Did God goof up?”
Of course not, but He does close some doors so that we can clearly see the open ones. (In other words, He directs our homeschooling high schoolers’ paths.)
High schoolers who aren’t going to score 1800 on the SATs are not doomed to spend their lives bagging groceries at the local supermarket. There are college options after homeschool, so relax!

-Community College and Gap Years
Community College is a great college option after homeschool for many young people. They don’t stress over SATs, they accept just about everyone. Your young homeschool graduate will take a placement test that will indicate to their admissions guide where to start in maths and English.
Almost half of our local homeschoolers attend community college. Some earn their AA and then transfer to a 4 year college. Some earn certificates in special training areas that enable them to quickly enter the workforce.

Before you rush your homeschool graduate off to college, perhaps they would most benefit from a productive gap year. Check out this Homeschool Highschool Podcast interview with Jonathan Brush of Unbound gap program as he explains how to have a successful gap year.

-Trade Schools 
Traditional college is not always an option. That is where trade schools come in. Check out this post with information on why trade schools can be an excellent choice for hands-on teens who want a good career.

Several of our local homeschoolers have found these schools rewarding:

Here’s a timeline for non-college-bound students.

-Colleges That Don’t Require SATs (Test-Optional Schools)

More and more colleges don’t require SATs (they are finding that those scores poorly predict

Introduction to Essay Writing
Click image for full description.

academic success). Some of these colleges are looking for students who are not academic superstars, but instead, are willing to work hard to get a degree in their field of interest.
Several of our homeschoolers have attended local schools that don’t require SATs. They have had great experiences. The website FairTest has a list of Test-Optional Schools.

Here’s Sabrina’s vlog about “average” high school homeschoolers. There’s a lot to think about here, and we’d love to have you comment with your thoughts.

While your teen is still in high school, build strong communication skills that will aid his or her success regardless of the option chosen after graduation. Strong writing skills are strong LIFE skills.

Essay writing is one useful skill. So is professional writing. Most teens will need to do some professional writing somewhere in their lives (resumes, cover letters, and more). That is why 7Sisters offers a professional “real world” writing curriculum.

No matter where your teen goes to college, he’ll need solid writing skills. Even kids who DON’T go to college at all need to know how to articulate ideas clearly and convincingly. If yours is feeling queasy about it, get Introduction to High School Essay Writing and watch Sabrina’s vlog on Essay Writing:

In the meantime, you and your homeschool high schooler shouldn’t fret. However, your teen SHOULD work to clarify personal gifts, goals, and God’s will. If high powered colleges are not a good option, God has OTHER doors open. There are some ideas on careers that do not require college in this post and this Homeschool Highschool Podcast episode for non-college-bound homeschool high schoolers.

Our local homeschooling high schoolers often complete 7Sisters Career Exploration Workbook and the FREE Career Exploration Questionnaire. You can get your thoughts organized on how to handle Career Exploration with this post from our Authoritative Guide series.

Career Exploration Workbook

College Options After Homeschool


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  1. I totally agree, Karen! God created each person to have a valued and important place in the body of Christ. Trades are no less valuable than any other career. Our teens should be taught to not compare but rejoice in how they were created!

  2. Great advice! Students should not feel ‘less than’ if they don’t go to college. Some very good jobs and careers do not require college, but only technical training. We should stop comparing ourselves and our students to others and follow where God directs.

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